Sheet-Pan Latkes are a Game Changer
Sheet-pan latkes are a game changer.

Sheet-Pan Latkes are a Game Changer

Frying up a a batch (or 10) of latkes for Chanukah celebrations is rewarding, sure. But it can be exhausting and time consuming. And how about the ineviatable mess of splattered oil and the irresistible urge to wash your hair immediately after you’ve sizzled a few dozen?

We have a better solution: Sheet-Pan Latkes.  This latke recipe is a familiar and simple one; what’s  updated is the cooking method. This will simplify your holiday party strategy, allowing you plenty of time to prepare the toppings and enjoy shmoozing with friends and family.

I recently taught this recipe as part of a LATKE SIZZLE class at Wakeman Town Farm in CT and the participants loved it. Once someone called it a game changer my group of rowdy latke sizzlers all agreed.

Sheet-pan Latkes for Chanukah
Wakeman Town Farm Latke Sizzle, CT

My friend, Caryn, suggested this idea. She raved about how she saves a lot of time by spreading the latke batter on a smokin’ hot oiled cookie sheet, spreading it to the edges to ensure it crisps up nicely. Although ¾ cup of oil sounds like a lot, it’s actually less that you would use if you were frying these as individual latkes.

When you’re sure the sheet-pan latkes are golden and crispy, pull the pan out of the oven and let it rest for 5-10 minutes. Cut the Sheet-Pan Latke into 1-2″ squares and serve with a variety of sweet and savory toppings.


Topping ideas:

Dilly Yogurt ( recipe here)

Apple Cranberry Sauce (recipe here)

Pear Chutney

Creme fraiche topped with salmon caviar (roe)

Creme fraiche topped with pear, apple or pumpkin butter

Basil pesto

Apple salsa

Lemon curd

Cream cheese, smoked trout and capers

Applesauce and shredded brisket

Greek yogurt with honey and pomegranate arils


Sour cream with snipped chives

What toppings do you love with your latkes??? Let’s grow this list of ideas!




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