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I’m Liz Rueven and in this photo you’ll see me in one of my happiest places. I call this photo DIRTY BOOTS because roaming fields of edible crops (in sturdy boots, of course) is one of my favorite ways to find inspiration in CT and beyond. I’m lucky to have farmer friends who tolerate this habit.

Have a field you think I would enjoy roaming? Please invite me!

Before launching Kosher Like Me, just moments before Rosh HaShanah in 2011, (could there be a better time for new beginnings?) I identified as an art historian and found lots of great projects to work on in my hometown while raising my kids. I started writing when my youngest flew the coop. At my core, I’m still a researcher but I express it in the wide and wonderful world of food culture today.

Kosher Like Me was born when I started doing loads of research about where my favorite guy (yes, we’re married) and I were willing to eat. While our home is kosher, we honor the rules when away from our kitchen by eating vegetarian and kosher friendly fish. My grandparents maintained the rules the same way and most of my kosher keeping friends do, too.

I scan menus, speak to chefs, check lists of vendors at food fests and chose vacation destinations after researching how vegetarian friendly these resources are.

My criteria is more than just wanting vegetarian options on a menu. I want mostly organic, seasonal, locally grown food. I want small businesses to be supported and I don’t want any attitude when I ask if a soup base is vegetarian.

My readers are what I call LIKE-MINDED eaters. They are not all kosher, not all vegetarian, not one type. We are mostly a community of flexitarians who want to eat thoughtfully prepared, properly grown and ethically sourced, delicious food.

Here at Kosher Like Me, I share seasonal snippets, Jewish holiday inspiration, drool-worthy recipes, stories about products we love, cookbooks that make us want to stay in the kitchen, and not-to-be missed events.

All of my recipes are strictly kosher. Many are vegetarian because my passion for buying directly from farmers keeps me excited about what nature offers in each season. Periodically, I include meat/chicken recipes because we do eat that stuff, too.

Photos are mine unless credited to others. My photos are original and copyrighted property of Kosher Like Me.

If you love what you see and want to share a photo or recipe, YAY! But ask first and then link back to Kosher Like Me.

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