Get Sizzling with Greek Inspired Chanukah Latkes
Photo: Liz Rueven

Get Sizzling with Greek Inspired Chanukah Latkes

Even the youngest students can recap a quick version of the miracle of oil in the Chanukah story. The gruesome tale they aren’t taught is about Judith beheading Holofernes. Read on to learn why cheese is a traditional ingredient in Hanukkah recipes and why Judith’s bravery should be celebrated today.

Judith must have been one clever beauty and yes, maybe even a seductress. She schemed to frighten the Greek army by killing their general, Holofernes. First, she plied the general with a basket full of yummy goodies including salty cheese and vino. The more cheese he ate, the thirstier he became. When he had emptied a flask (or two) of wine and passed out, Judith beheaded him and presented the bloody mess to the gathered army.

Off they ran in fear after viewing the gruesome sight; and Judith reversed the plight of her outnumbered and threatened people.

Caravaggio painted one of the most well known images of this story in 1602 but plenty of others told the tale on canvas in their own way, including Gustav Klimt.

Inspired by Judith and the brave women of our own time, I’ve cooked up a Greek inspired latke that would, indeed, be perfect with a flask or two of your favorite wine. Just be sure to keep your wits about you.

Happy Chanukah!

Do you serve latkes for Chanukah? What’s your family’s favorite?


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