KuKu Sabzi Brings Greens to the Passover Table
Photo: Liz Rueven

KuKu Sabzi Brings Greens to the Passover Table

I assisted Chef Susan Barocas with the third in a series of kosher pop-up restaurant style dinners* I’ve curated in my hometown in CT this week. Our friendship is rooted in co-chairing the Hazon Food Conference last summer. It’s now sealed by our shvitzing together in the kitchen as we cooked through two solid days leading up to a magnificent Persian Purim feast.

Among the Persian recipes Susan brought to the celebration is this Kuku Sabzi or Persian Greens Casserole.

Imagine a vegetarian and dairy-free frittata big enough for a crowd, similar to an Eastern European kugel, that is  loaded with at least 8 cups of seasonal and organic chopped greens and bound together with half a dozen eggs. Add finely ground walnuts for flavor and texture, leeks, green onions and generous bunches of fresh parsley and dill and you’ve got Kuku Sabzi.

Hope your Purim feasts were loaded with Persian delights, lots of raucous fun and plenty of hamantaschen.

Scroll down for the Kuku Sabzi recipe.

vegetarian Persian greens frittata Passover or Purim
Photo: Liz Rueven

Looking four weeks ahead to Passover, if you’re anything like me, you try to add as many greens to your holiday meals as possible. This Kuku Sabzi not only loads in huge quantities of greens, but adds vibrant color to your menu and freezes well, too. You know where I’m going here…

For more on adding greens to your Passover menus and why we can’t wait to use early spring leeks in these Turkish meatballs for Pesach click here.

More on Chef Susan Barocas via Jewish Food Experience: “Susan helped launch the Jewish Food Experience® as its first project director following several years as director of the Washington Jewish Film Festival. A member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, Susan writes, teaches and talks about food as well as catering and organizing special events. She was honored to serve as the guest chef for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 White House Seders.”

*For more on our recently launched kosher restaurant style pop-up dinners in CT click here. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you’d like to know more.

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