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Savory Cheesy Kugel & Other Twists on Holiday Noodle Pudding
Recipe & Photo: Liz Rueven for The Nosher

Savory Cheesy Kugel & Other Twists on Holiday Noodle Pudding

Photo and recipe: Liz Rueven for The Nosher

Are you a kugel traditionalist or do you yearn for a holiday twist on the sweet and cheesy layered noodle puddings of your childhood?

While I love sweet kugels as much as anyone who grew up with a sweet tooth cultivated by Ashkenazic grandparents, my tastes have changed. Now I lean more towards savory dishes after my 30 plus years of marriage to a guy who loves my cooking but has zero interest in the fruity blintzes or sweet noodle kugels of my youth. So I mix things up with creative spins on the classic dairy kugel even if I keep the base connected to kugels of my past.

If you yearn for umami complexity be sure to check out my recipe for Savory Mushroom Kugel loaded with porcini and cremini mushrooms created for The Nosher here. The crusty parmesan topping is divine.

Now that we finally have a proper index on this site (Yippeeeee) go to Holidays in the nav bar and scroll to Shavuot for more (non-kugel) recipes to consider.

If you’re still with me on the kugel riffing here are a few of our favorites, all created over the past few years, by Melissa Roberts for Kosher Like Me.

photo: Liz Rueven
photo: Liz Rueven

Caramelized Onion and Poppy Seed Kugel

Photo: Liz Rueven
Photo: Liz Rueven

Creamy Ricotta Kugel with Tart Cherries

Photo: Liz Rueven
Photo: Liz Rueven

Apple and Fennel Kugel

Shavuot begins this weekend (sunset 6/11-sunset 6/13). We wish you a joyful celebration loaded with both savory and sweet treats to brighten your holiday.

What does your family love to eat over this holiday? Cheesecakes? Kugels, Tarts? We would LOVE to know! Please leave a comment, below, so we can share your family favorites.

Watch for more holiday treats later this week (hint) in the shape of a hi-hat, courtesy of my talented friend, Ronnie Fein.

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