Have we got an Inspiring Gift Idea for You!

Have we got an Inspiring Gift Idea for You!

One of the first words of Hebrew my kids learned was MATANA, meaning gift. Every time they visited grandparents in Israel there was a special gift waiting for them. They anticipated that matana with great excitement, just as you will if you subscribe to MATANA.

 MATANA, a monthly subscription box from Israel featuring high quality artisanal products, shares many of the same passions as I do at Kosher Like Me. Owner, Emily Berg, loves supporting small businesses, with a particular interest in kosher, Jewish and Israeli cuisine.

kosher artisan gifts Israel
Matana founder and owner, Emily Berg

We both love sourcing products we discover through visiting local farms, markets and unexpected nooks for creatives. We both love promoting our discoveries to like-minded eaters and readers so that they too, can experience the same thrills we do when we have those AHA moments.

Since launching MATANA (previously called Blue Box and re-branded as MATANA just three months ago), Berg has shipped more than 2500 boxes internationally.

What’s in the box?

kosher artisanal gifts Israel

MATANA sends a monthly gift box of hand chosen items (3-5) from one vendor a month, along with collectible postcards that tell the vendor’s story.

Berg has chosen images by Rudi Weissenstein, who was the official state photographer at the signing of Israel’s Declaration of Independence in 1948. His photos resonate for her as they convey nostalgia, romance and optimism that inspires her vision at MATANA.

What kinds of  products may be included?

subscription box Israel

Berg has shipped MATANA subscribers high quality olive oil, Ethiopian tehini, za’atar, merlot infused cooking salts, halva flavored almond butter (and more). All food products are kosher.

Who are some of the vendors?

Rish Lakish: a family run organic olive oil press in the Galilee

Neot Samadar; an organic, vegetarian kibbutz in the Arava

Derech HaTavlinim: a spice farm in the Galilee

Nany: producers of natural sauces and spreads in Be’er Sheva

kosher subscription box israel

What does it cost to subscribe?

-1 Month Gift Box: $44.

– 3 Month: $118.

– 6 Month: $236.

– 12 Month: $436.

Great news for our readers!

Take a look at the badge in our right column and you’ll see a clickable link to access your 5% discount any time. We’ll let you know when monthly deadlines are approaching so you can calendar holidays, birthdays, weddings and other reasons to celebrate.

subscription box israel discount

Why buy now?

We’re rolling out our collaboration with MATANA now so that you can order gifts that will arrive by Rosh HaShanah. If you want to show your love to your family and hosts AND support small Israeli businesses, this is a super way to wrap it up in a surprise delivery right to their door.

What’s the deadline for Rosh HaShanah MATANA boxes? 

Readers must order by September 03, 2017 for delivery to a U. S. address by September 20, 2017.

Emily Berg gave me this hint but she will never reveal her surprises cause that’s 50% of the pleasure of receiving your MATANA. “We are featuring classic Rosh Hashanah goodies, with a twist! Products are sourced from a boutique family farm in the Negev desert.”

Any give-aways in the pipeline for your loyal readers? 

SURE! Kosher Like Me loves to share give-aways of all things we’re passionate about.

Watch our post on August 3, 2017 with ways to enter our contest.  We’ll be running a give-away of one MATANA box. Entries for contest will run August 3 – August 6 at 6 PM. Read our post later this week for details.

kosher subscription box israel

And finally, I chose to send a MATANA subscription to friends celebrating their wedding this summer. Before I had even received my own box, I took a leap of faith and sent the couple a gift that I knew would resonate with their support of Israel. Here’s what my friend shared:

  My husband and I received a MATANA monthly subscription as a wedding gift from dear friends. Each product is so special, and clearly crafted with much care. We also love that we’re supporting a small Israeli business! JL, CT

Good to plan early before back to school and Labor Day!

subscription box Israel

All photos courtesy of MATANA.

Disclaimer: Kosher Like Me is collaborating with MATANA and will receive a small percentage of sales made through our website. Thanks for helping us to defray the cost of running this blog while supporting businesses with like-minded values.

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