Subscription Box Give-Away Direct from Israel
MATANA sample subscription box from Israel

Subscription Box Give-Away Direct from Israel

Is it too early to think about back to school? Labor Day? Rosh HaShanah? We think so!

Kind of.

Because we have a great opportunity to share a GIVE-AWAY with you that you should consider jumping on NOW.


Because our partners in Israel need time to pack, wrap and ship. We want you or your lucky hosts to receive this MATANA (Hebrew for gift) on time for the holiday.

MATANA is a monthly subscription box from Israel that features high quality, artisanal products. Each month, they highlight one Israeli vendor (farmers, family businesses, kibbutzim and artisans) and ship a selection of their products to subscribers all over the world.

Scroll down (or click here) to read our post about MATANA and to get a more complete picture of the goodies they search high and low for.

subscription box israel

The Give-Away:

Kosher Like Me and MATANA are collaborating to give-away one subscription box, valued at $40. This month’s box will be themed around Rosh HaShanah and will come from a farm in the Negev. All edibles from MATANA are certified kosher.

The rest is a surprise, as all good gifts should be.


Enter to win by leaving a comment at the end of this blog post. Expect a delay before you see your comment as we approve all of ’em in order to limit annoying spam.

Here’s what we want to know:

What is the most unusual item you have ever brought back from Israel?

You may have other chances to win by responding to our questions on our facebook page or on our instagram feed. Be sure to check both places for additional entry opportunities.

Contest runs from August 3, 2017- August 6 at 6 PM, EST.

All entrants must have USA address and use an e-mail that allows me to contact you.

Winner will be notified on Monday, August 7 and announced soon after. Winner will receive their gift box prior to the start of the Rosh HaShanah holiday on September 20, 2017.

Note our discount code in our right side column. If you’d rather not take your chances and want to purchase a monthly subscription instead, this is the way to go. Monthly subscription prices are in the post below or click here.

Good luck!

Matana founder, Emily Berg





  1. I love this. My husband was born and raised in Israel and I think receiving a gift box each month will be a wonderful, meaningful continued connection to a place very special to him. In addition, I teach cooking classes with an emphasis on Israeli cuisine. My cooking students are always interested in trying new products from Israel.

  2. Love. My boyfriend at the time came to visit me during a years stay in Israel. We travelled together for a few days, he met my Aunt and family. During that trip, I realized I would marry him!

  3. We brought back a menorah consisting of eight individual rabbis .. each had an accessory for a different holiday. The artist said, when asked about the one rabbi without a beard, that he was from the USA. They are handmade and each .rabbi has a little glass container in which to burn oil. I love it. My kids fight over who will inherit it. It was our first trip and I will never forget it.

  4. Sea shells from Caesaria, mud form the Dead Sea, a fruit I’ve never seen before or after from Rosh haNikrah, a rock fro Masada, candlestick holders and spices from Jerusalem.

  5. Though we’ve never been to Israel, my husband of 46 years, bought me a bottle of Israeli perfume. Even after the perfume has gone, I keep the empty bottle in my lingerie drawer

  6. Though I haven’t been to Israel yet (it’s on the wishlist!) one of my favorite things my dad has returned with is a beautiful ceramic dish shaped like a pomegranate. It’s complete with a lid and spoon – We often set it out on the table for Rosh Hashana filled with pomegranate arils, of course.

  7. I’ve never brought anything back from Israel (having never visited) but I’ve received wonderful gifts from friends who did go including the seder plate we use every year and a matching tallit and kippa that I never use.

  8. I love Israel, Gods’ people. I noticed threw history that when the Jews were not home Israel, Israel was a barren place no one could live there or did live there. The Jews came home and Israel came alive again like the rose of Sharon. Beautiful.

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