Crisp Autumn Salad Loaded with Symbolism
Photo: Liz Rueven

Crisp Autumn Salad Loaded with Symbolism

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how to incorporate as many seasonal vegetables and fruits as possible into my celebratory menus as I begin to cook for Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish new year.

While brisket and chicken soup will always have a place at my table, I turn to my local farmers’ market for inspiration as I plan my vegetarian and dairy-free side dishes.  Mid- September is the glorious shoulder season when tomatoes and corn are still piled high while eggplant and squashes of all shapes and shades are making their colorful entrance.

For a recent demo and presentation I shared at the Hazon Food Conference in CT, I created this Autumn Salad Loaded with Symbolism. The rainbow hues and crisp textures are a perfect counterpoint to some of the more traditional foods your family loves.

kosher vegetarian autumn salad
Photo: Liz Rueven

To develop this recipe, I worked backwards from ingredients that have developed associations with positive omens. This raw, vegan (sub out the honey for agave) salad is bright with deeply nutritious and positive energy. It is the perfect accompaniment to almost any meat, fish or chicken you may be preparing.

And I bet that the vegetarians at your table will be so happy that you haven’t made them a veggie kugel!

Incorporate these ingredients loaded with positive energy:

Carrots: prosperity

Beets: safety and separation from our enemies

Apples: inclusion of the divine presence

Dates: symbol of beauty and strength

Pomegranate arils : fertility and love of mitzvot

Honey: immortality, truth and sweetness (absence of negativity)

Seeds or nuts: fertility or plenty


Source: Encyclopedia of Jewish Foods, Gil Marks, 2010

Wishing our readers all good things and delicious celebrations. Load your menus with positive energy as you celebrate the new year! 




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