Red Wine & Tomato Brisket with a Twist

Red Wine & Tomato Brisket with a Twist

Melissa Roberts

A platter of braised brisket is the centerpiece of many Jewish holiday meals. Here is a recipe that’s basic enough to accompany various side dishes, yet different enough to add something new to the table. The sauce is a combination of heady allspice and cinnamon, wine and tomato, braised with the beef into a rich succulent sauce.

 A little Brisket 101:  Brisket can be found two different ways: first cut and second cut. First cut has a single side of exterior fat that is relatively lean. Second cut is evenly marbled throughout and has moister, more succulent, meat. Either one works well in this recipe.

Note: If brisket is featured on your holiday menu, it’s best to plan ahead. De-fatting and cutting the meat into neat slices is much easier when chilled overnight.


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