Zoodles with No-Cook Tomato Sauce for the Hottest Days of Summer
Photo: Liz Rueven

Zoodles with No-Cook Tomato Sauce for the Hottest Days of Summer

You know the dilemma all too well. It’s another heat wave and this summer swelter has you stumped again wondering “what can I make for dinner?” We’re turning to peak of season ingredients for inspiration and this simple, chilled, vegan and gluten-free bowl of Zoodles with No-Cook Tomato Sauce.

While ripe summer tomatoes are piled high at your farmers’ market, nab a generous heap of the prettiest colors you can find and gently chop ’em into similarly sized pieces. Be sure to save every bit of run off juice to keep your zoodles moist.

To see how easy this recipe is, watch how I threw it together on WTNH Good Morning Connecticut here.

There. The recipe is half-way finished.

zoodles with no-cook tomato sauce
Photo: Liz Rueven

We’ve used a spiralizer for this recipe but you can go at it with a vegetable peeler if you’re still holding out on purchasing this tool. See my notes below for recommendations if you decide to take the leap (they’re really reasonably priced).

I’ll be making this recipe as one of three in a lunch time demo at the Hazon Food Conference this week. My session, called Shabbat Lunch Challenge, highlights recipes that won’t add any heat to the kitchen.

See? The cook can be as cool as her/his dishes!

For more on what the Hazon Food Conference is about, check out my multi- talented co-chair, Susan Boracas’, article in the Jewish Food Experience. It’ll give you a real flavor for the spirit of it all.

zoodles with no-cook tomato sauce
Photo: Liz Rueven

Don’t forget to follow along on all social @kosherlikeme. I’ll be posting on facebook and instagram throughout the conference. Be sure we’re friends there, so the love can go in both directions.

The * spiralizer hasn’t run its course yet and for good reason. It continues to serve our hankering for raw, healthy, no cook (or lightly wokked) vegetables that take the place of pasta. Gluten-free strands of al dente veggies beat weirdly textured pasta any day in my book.

*  I love the simplicity of this tool and it doesn’t take up valuable space in the kitchen. If you’re looking for the ability to cut more shapes with your spiralizer, consider this one. It’ll cut spirals (the kiddos love these), fettucine shapes and anything else you can dream of.

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  1. Such a cheerful dish! One which finally inspires me to try those crazy veggie spirals. Never quite knew how to make them into something delish…but have to say how excited I am. Especially since recently committing to pesco-vegetarian lifestyle. I’ve been looking for some yummy, colorful ideas. Congrats and good luck on the food conference!

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