Why You Should be Slow Roasting Late Season Tomatoes
Photo: Liz Rueven

Why You Should be Slow Roasting Late Season Tomatoes

Slow roasting end of season tomatoes with garlic is the perfect way to fill your home with seductive aromas that will get your creative juices flowing. Best of all, slow roasted tomatoes are a great starting point for the easiest weeknight meals.

slow roasted autumn tomatoes
Photo: Liz Rueven

Try to buy large quantities of plum or Roma tomatoes at your farmers’ market now that you’ve got that sinking feeling that summer is truly past. Many vendors gladly sell end of season tomatoes by the box, at a discount.

slow roasted tomatoes kosherlikeme
photo: Liz Rueven

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Once you taste these slow roasted tomatoes you will want to use them in lots of “no-recipe” meals.

Here are some ways we’re enjoying them:

♥ as topping over pasta, tossed with the best grated parmigiana cheese

♥ as a spread on toasted bagels and challah

♥ as a shmear over boneless chicken, steak or fish (after cooking)

♥ on crackers or mini toasts over a layer of goat cheese

♥ tossed into a mess of white beans  or smashed into the white beans and used as spread

♥ as a topping for homemade pizza (don’t forget tomatoes’ best friend, roasted garlic)

♥ as a topping for omelettes

♥ as a flavor boost for veggie soups

Got any ideas? We’d love to know how you’re using your slow roasted tomatoes.

If you don’t find Roma or plum tomatoes, you can use cherry tomatoes, as well. You can even use those yucky winter tomatoes you’ll cave to buy come January. Roasting them will help. A lot.

easy weeknight slow roasted tomatoes
Photo: Liz Rueven

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