Sizzling Brussels Sprouts with a Side of Bourbon/Mustard
Photo: Liz Rueven

Sizzling Brussels Sprouts with a Side of Bourbon/Mustard

I only deep fry during Chanukah and even then, it always feel slightly unfamiliar and guilt provoking. This season, I’m paying close attention to my local vegetables so I can re-imagine frying latkes (vegetable pancakes) with some new combinations of flavors, ingredients and a little more skill.

When I attended a vegetarian harvest celebration at the uber beautiful Terrain Cafe in CT. last week, where Chef Jess was deep frying brussels sprouts, it got my creative juices flowing. She served them alongside a bourbon/mustard dipping sauce that had everyone eyeing the kitchen, wondering when the next sizzling batch would be offered.

I was thrilled when Jess shared this recipe with me. Guilt be gone! These crispy morsels are worth the indulgence.

If you don’t have a deep fryer at home, be sure to click this helpful article on how to safely and successfully deep fry in a regular pot on your stovetop.

Read it carefully so you don’t run into any crazy mishaps. An essential piece of equipment for deep frying (unless you’re a restaurant chef and you can gage oil temperature) is a splashproof thermometer, with a probe, like this one.

deep fried brussels sprouts
Photo: Liz Rueven

With a long slotted spoon, this thermometer, a deep pot and a bit of knowledge, you can easily make these sizzling brussels for your next get-together. Or file it away for your December festivities.

Note: Terrain Cafe in Westport, CT supports local farms by sourcing seasonal produce for Chef Jess Bengtson and her team. This vegetarian dinner was the second in a series of plant based events highlighting local farms, an initiative by Terrain and Westport Farmers’ Market, to bring more attention to creative meat free dishes and growers who supply us with an outstanding range of options. Thank you Fort Hill Farm, for your just picked veggies and inspiration.



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