Wasabi Cheese Brings the Heat to your Panini
photo: Liz Rueven

Wasabi Cheese Brings the Heat to your Panini

Wasabi lovers get ready for a heady experience!

Sincerely, Brigitte has created a Wasabi Monterey Jack Cheese that brings on the heat for Japanese flavor lovers. Think Yin Yang Panini for cooler Autumn days.

We’ve paired this uniquely sharp cheese with complimentary flavors of sweet orange marmalade, fresh mint leaves and creamy avocado. Together, they balance and soothe the palate while highlighting the distinctive wasabi punch.

If you yearn for a little heat when you’re assembling sandwiches for your panini maker, this perfectly meltable cheese is for you.

sincerely brigitte kosher natural cheese
Photo: Liz Rueven

Sincerely, Brigitte brings flavors from around the globe to a great selection of kosher, all natural cheese products. For more on their products and where to buy them click here.

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