Warming Up with Hearty Lentil Soup

Warming Up with Hearty Lentil Soup

At the end of my Thanksgiving cooking marathon, I began to squirrel away homemade turkey stock, turkey gravy and remnants of glistening tomatoey broth from my slow cooked brisket. Just as my freezer shelf was beginning to look like a frozen wonderland of rich liquid leftovers I was asked by Red Envelope, the nifty gift catalogue, to submit my favorite wintry recipe for them to share with their thousands of readers.

How could a food blogger resist?

So I got to work by digging around my pantry.  I found a bag of lentils, which prompted me to remember that I had a package of facon (kosher beef, smoked and meant to imitate the forbidden stuff) in my basement freezer. My inspiration for a warming soup was coming together as the temps plummeted into the 20’s that Sunday. For a little extra heat I added some depth with cumin, coriander, and turmeric.

IMG_2080 (1)

The charge by Red Envelope was to pair my original recipe with one of their lovely gifts in their catalogue. Thinking about the ease of finally relaxing over a bowl of steaming soup with my favorite red by my side,  I landed on these whimsical, tipsy, stemless wine glasses called Cupa Vino. They weeble and wobble but don’t fall down. They were just the added bit of humor and fun I was ready for.  You may find them here.

For more on my source for facon click on my past post on Grow and Behold.

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