Very Berry Coconut Goji Love Pops
Photo: Leaf & Ardor Tea Co.

Very Berry Coconut Goji Love Pops

Fruity ice pops at a sweltering hot July 4th picnic are as perfectly paired as chilled watermelon and a crumble of salty feta cheese, dontcha think?

But we often find fruity ice pops cloyingly sweet, even when made with real fruit. That’s why we were thrilled to hear that the creatives at Leaf & Ardor Tea Co. were hard at work dreaming up dairy-free ice pops that marry fresh, local strawberries with pure coconut and their Coconut Goji Love Tea blend.

healthy kosher strawberry goji ice pops summer july 4
Photo: Leaf & Ardor Tea Co.

Their Coconut Goji Love Popsicle is very adult, subtly vegetal and creamy smooth. Enjoy it as a light finish to dinner, a healthful morning popsicle, or a great pick-me-up on a hot summer afternoon.

Looking for more adult ice pop ideas using fresh fruit and all natural tea blends?

We’ve got another frozen surprise coming up next week. Summer is long and it’s only getting hotter out there so we think you should have a few simple but sophisticated pops in your ice box.

Leaf & Ardor Tea Co. loved this mold when making these pops. It’s PBA free and in that classic mold shape we all love. The best part? It comes with an aluminum frame and lid with grommets that holds the mold and wooden sticks upright. Smart!

If Leaf & Ardor Tea Co. sounds familiar to my regular readers it is. I’ve written about this creative duo from my hometown in CT. before. Use the search bar in the upper right to see what else we’ve presented together.

In this season, their cold brew teas are the easiest and most delicious way to thank your BBQ and overnight hosts this summer. This is a gift that they will actually use and enjoy. Don’t forget to brew your own, too.

 Think Solstice Sun Cold Brew, Ruby Rose Hips Cold Brew and Moroccan Mint Cold Brew as you’re planning the non-alcoholic section of your bar.

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