Creamy Blackberry Matcha Pops Cool the Day
photo: Leaf & Ardor Tea Co.

Creamy Blackberry Matcha Pops Cool the Day

Remember those bright orange creamsicles we bought from the Good Humor ice cream delivery truck?  There was something so great about that fruity/creamy combination on a steamy summer afternoon.

Nothing got us racing faster than hearing that jingle and imagining our choices as we scanned the photos on the side of the truck.

Now, consider this Matcha Blackberry Pop made with only three ingredients. It’s a very updated and adult version of an ice cream pop with something a lot more distinctive and honest than the suggestion of citrus fruit.

matcha green tea & blackberry kosher ice cream pops
Photo: Leaf & Ardor Tea Co.

This Matcha Blackberry Pop is beautifully balanced, with it’s soft notes of creamy vanilla and Leaf & Ardor’s ceremonial/premium grade matcha.

If you’re not familiar with the slightly vegetal flavor of high quality matcha, this is a particularly delicious way to get acquainted. Now juxtapose matcha’s mild flavor with sweet blackberries and you’ve got a velvety ice cream treat that will finish a dairy meal with a sophisticated and cooling pop.

Leaf and Ardor suggests using these ice pop molds. They’re a classic shape and hold the wooden sticks (24 included) upright until your creamy pops are frozen.

 kosher adult ice cream pops with matcha tea & blackberries
Photo: Leaf & Ardor Tea Co.

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