Top Dad’s Day with These Winning Condiments

Top Dad’s Day with These Winning Condiments

Katy Morris

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than a good ol’ backyard cookout?

Top this year’s party by turning your Pop into a Condiment King! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite toppings – from chutney to ketchup, all vegan, many kosher certified – that are sure to take your grilled meats, treats and everything in between to a whole new level.



Photo: Burning Bush
Photo: Burning Bush

  Burning Bush

Burning Bush® Kosher Hot Sauce is one of our new faves. By blending traditional hot sauce ingredients with “ancient Middle Eastern herbs,” they’ve created a perfect, savory fusion that according to co-founder Nate Kruman, will “wake up the flavor of roasts and grilled meats, bean and pasta salads, pizza, savory soups, marinades – you name it.”

  • Where to find: Buy online or at plenty of stores nationwide (order online and use promo code “kosherlikeme” to get $1.00 off your purchase just for KLM readers like you!)
  • What to use it in:  Burning Kimchi – a non-fermented, pickled, kimchi-esque salad
  • Flavor to try: Their signature hot sauce


Hoardable Hot Sauce

Photo: Hoardable Hot Sauce
Photo: Hoardable Hot Sauce

 You’re going to be hoarding this stuff long after Father’s Day – and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Made with fresh, CT-grown, pesticide-free ingredients, their hot sauces are “all gain no pain so you can savor the flavor.” Plus, their products are made in a vegan, kosher-certified facility. Co-founders Griffin Boucher and John Gallagher recommend their Red Pepper Mix to top “pizza, sandwiches, eggs, soups, chicken, almost everything!”


Sosu Sauces

Photo: Sosu Sauces
Photo: Sosu Sauces

Time to get so-serious with your sriracha. Sosu’s Sauces has kicked theirs up a notch by using a unique process of fermenting and aging their own peppers in whiskey barrels, allowing it develop what owner Lisa Murphy says results in a “bolder, fruity spicy, fruit and smoky,” flavor.  Made in a vegan-friendly kitchen, this Chinese-influenced sriracha will certainly spice up your standard everyday meals from Father’s Day Sunday and beyond.

  • Where to buy: Online or various Northern California stores
  • Top this: Mapo Tofu (check their vegetarian variation)– be sure to check out all their suggested recipes
  • Other condiments or flavors available: Sriracha Spice Rub & Srirachup


Ft. Greene Farms

Photo: Ft. Greene Sriracha
Photo: Ft. Greene Sriracha

Brooklyn based Ft. Greene Farms is all about “Small Batch, Big Taste.” We love that. What’s more: Owner Nathan Meshberg told us he’s committed to using only the freshest ingredients in his delectable, artisanal condiments and talks directly with farmers to ensure he’s putting only the best of the best in his jars. Their most popular item, their Charred Sriracha, is made using Fresno chili peppers (versus habaneros) and hence their sauce offers a slightly sweeter flavor than most other srirachas out there.  



Photo: Global Gardens
Photo: Global Gardens


Global Gardens

 Waiting for the grilled main to be charred to perfection? Kick up dad’s dip with an artisanal, global-infused twist with Global Gardens’ Indian Curry Mustard. Owner Theo Stephan suggests blending it with “sour cream as a quick veggie or chip dip or blending it with non-dairy sour cream for Tandoori-Style Chicken.” Be sure to check out her other organic, stoneground mustards including Mexican Chipotle and Mediterranean Kalamata.  They ‘re 100% vegan and their saucy products can be shipped globally or picked up right from their own 3-acre Farm Stand in Los Olivos, CA every weekend!  

  • Where to buy: Online or at their farm stand. Order $50 or more and receive a free mustard – use “freemustard” as discount code – for KosherLikeMe readers only!!
  • What to use it in: Chip dip for some backyard chillin’
  • Other condiments or flavors available: EVOO’s galore, Natural Fruit Vinegars, Walnut Oil, Pomegranate Glaze and much more



Photo: Mendocino Mustard
Photo: Mendocino Mustard

Hot or sweet? No need to choose! Mendocino’s Hot & Sweet Mustard (their most popular item) is handmade, gourmet, certified Kosher and best of all, super versatile. They recommend using it “in vinaigrette salad dressings, as a thickener in sauces and stews, or as a glaze” for grilled meats. But don’t stop there, they add: “Experiment, because you’ll be surprised how our mustards will perk up a dish in a subtle way; it is a great solution to unexpected company!”  

  • Where to buy: Online – nationwide shipping
  • Top this: Sassy Citrus Chicken Skewers (check out all their recipes on their site!)
  • Other condiments or flavors available: Seeds & Suds Mustard



Photo: Victoria Amory
Photo: Victoria Amory


Victoria Amory  

Victoria Amory has an impressive selection of unique, all-natural condiments, but the Smokey BBQ Ketchup, which is “inspired by the flavors and aromas of Spain’s ancient and rugged La Mancha region,” stands out from the crowd. In fact, they tell us it “was chosen from 180,000 products as one of the Smokin’ Innovations at the 60th Summer Fancy Food Show in New York and is one of the top sellers!” Victoria Amory offers plenty of suggested pairings on their website, including truffled fries or mixed into classic meatballs.

  • Where to buy: Stores nationwide or from their online store
  • Top this: Truffled fries or skirt steak sliders
  • Other condiments or flavors available: Unique ketchups, mayonnaise, chili piri and much more!


  Katchkie Farm    

Photo: Katchkie Farm
Photo: Katchkie Farm

Katchkie Farm’s organic, locally sourced artisanal products are right up our local alley. Their freshly made, tasty take on this classic condiment provides a unique combo of sweetness and chili spice.  We love their combo of allspice, cinnamon, honey, pepper and of course, organic tomatoes, which makes a perfectly distinctive ketchup. Another reason we love ‘em? All their profits support programs of The Sylvia Center, a not-for-profit organization that educates children about good food and nutrition at their NY farm!  

  • Where to buy: Online, Great Performances cafes, or various stores throughout NYC
  • What to use it on: Crispy fries of your favorite veggie burger
  • Other condiments or flavors available: Bob-A-Que Sauce, Tomato Jam, Salsa, Salsa Verde, Tomato Sauce



North African spices meet classic American grill-out in this certified kosher, gluten-free, GMO-free Peppery Moroccan Ketchup. Dulcet’s use of Mediterranean spices, like cumin, saffron and turmeric add a special tang to this traditional tomato-y delight. Try it on classic fries, grilled meats or better yet, their refreshing Sweet & Peppery Gazpacho.

  • Where to buy: Online or stores nationwide
  • What to use it in: Sweet & Peppery Gazpacho
  • Other condiments or flavors available: Tons of other global-fusion sauces and rubs – check out their site for more!



Photo: ISH
Photo: ISH

OK, we’re not going to pitch these guys to you yet again, but don’t forgot to check out ISH Premium Horseradish and Holy Schmitt’s if you haven’t already!   CHUTNEY   Wild Thyme   Wild Thyme’s exceptional kosher chutneys satisfy any craving you might be having. Between Plum Currant Ginger, Mango Papaya, Onion Jalapeno and even more  flavors – why not grab a taste of ‘em all?

  • Where to buy: Online here
  • What to use it in: Glazes galore, couscous, spreads and much more!
  • Other condiments or flavors available: Gengali Tomato Chutney, Chili Ginger Marinade, Hot Mama BBQ Sauce and much more…



Photo: Bandar Foods
Photo: Bandar Foods


Bandar Foods  

There’s no monkeying around with Bandar’s Monkey Sauces – this stuff is the real deal (and delish!). Totally free of GMO’s, gluten and made in a completely vegan kitchen, their Mint Cilantro would be great atop Indian-inspired tacos, while the Spicy Mango sauce is sure to sauce up a your plain sushi for what co-owners Lalit Kalani and Dan Garblik like to call a “cross-cultural surprise.”

  • Where to find: Nationwide stores or online
  • What to use it on: Check out their many recipes on their website, including a Kale Salad w/ Mango, Salmon & Avocado and Spicy Mango Bowtie Pasta!
  • Other condiments or flavors available: Hot sauces include Tangy Tamarind and Chili Garlic (they also offer Naan Chips & Lentil Crisps and more!)



Photo: HerbNZest
Photo: HerbNZest


Interested in simple, natural, healthy yet distinctive ingredients blended together into an artisanal (and recyclable) jar of goodness? Zest, please! HerbNZest’s vegan condiments are delectably diverse and range from Dairy-Free Pumpkin Curry Pesto Sauce to Chive Tomato Relish; but we’ve got our eye on their Basil Peach Raisin Chutney and Caramelized Apple Champagne Mustard for Father’s Day this year.  

  • Where to find: click here for store locations and online
  • What to use it on: Don’t worry, there are plenty of veg recipes on their website here
  • Other condiments or flavors available: Chipotle Cranberry Orange Relish, Fennel Saffron Pumpkin Butter – and lots more



Photo: Gourganics
Photo: Gourganics


Leave it to local “GourMom” to help your dad have the tastiest Father’s Day meal. Made with fresh, local USDA organic certified ingredients, Fairfield, CT-based Gourganics Salsa & Simmer Sauce, made with locally-sourced ingredients is a great way to enhance nearly any dish. From Veggie Chili to Tamales, they’ve got you covered.  

  • Where to find: Nationwide stores (including Whole Foods) and online
  • What to use it on: Plenty of veg recipes can be found on their website here
  • Other condiments or flavors available: Chipotle Cranberry Orange Relish, Fennel Saffron Pumpkin Butter – and lots more


What did we miss? And how do you like to top your favorite dishes? Comment below and let us know!

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