Condiments in your Cocktails

Condiments in your Cocktails

In advance of our round-up of favorite summer condiments for Father’s Day, we’d like to whet your whistle with this simple, thirst slacking, Burning Bush infused Burning Passion. Think: mid-week cocktail on the porch, in the park, or oceanside.

Not so hard, right?

Burning Bush, a versatile, kosher and gluten-free hot sauce, is a blend of organic tomato paste, chile peppers, white vinegar and a secret mix of herbs and spices from across three continents. It’s easy to use bottle is thoughtfully designed to cautiously dispense the heat one drop at a time, too.

Very wise.

Watch for our round-up of other favorite condiments on Thursday. We’ll have plenty of suggestions for how to spark your marinades, favorite hummus, grilled summer salads and all manners of simple dishes destined for outdoor dining.

The folks at Burning Bush are so excited about sharing their product with us, they’ve offered our readers a handy 10% discount when purchasing their hot sauce by clicking here . Simply insert code: KOSHERLIKEME for a your 10% discount.


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