These Spice Blends Help to Repair the World
Photo: Susie Fishman

These Spice Blends Help to Repair the World

Raise your hand if you’re running out of ideas for what to cook for dinner?

WHAT? You, too?!

Nobody needs to remind you that we are the eighth month of this Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re like me, you’ve made your favorite recipes one too many times and you’re looking for inspiration. Really, desperate for inspiration.

Scroll down for Rebbetzin Rochie Pinson’s Classic Challah recipe, photo above, topped with Ungapatchke Challah® blend seasoning.

challah spice blend
Photo: Susie Fishman

That’s why I’m thrilled to share my passion for Meet My Kneads® spice blends. Suddenly new ideas are coming easily every time I pop open the lids and inhale these bright and fragrant blends.

Meet My Kneads® spice blends provide a whole flavor story in each jar. Their labels are Jewish/Yiddish plays on words that will light up a smile each time you reach for them.

Meet my Kneads® spice blends kosher vegan gluten free
Photo: Liz Rueven

These blends are grouped as either sweet or savory so you can hone in on what you like best. Or purchase all eight and get to know them like the new best friends you’re about to meet. They’re perfectly balanced, gluten-free, pure, vegan and kosher.

I’m crazy about these blends and equally impressed to learn that Susie Fishman, founder and creative, is on a mission. Best part is, that in addition to elevating your cooking, Fishman’s generosity makes it easy to do good as you cook more creatively.

Mitzah accomplished!

Buy purchasing these seasoning blends, you can help to combat hunger on college campuses because Fishman donates 100% of her proceeds to Swipe Out Hunger and Challah for Hunger. WOW!!

She’s even offered a discount to our readers for any purchases you make over $25.00. Simply insert kosherlikeme10 at check out on her site and 10% will be deducted from your total (before shipping).

MeetMyKneads® spice blends
photo: Liz Rueven

If you weren’t aware that there are hungry students on American college campuses, you’re not alone. Fishman, California entrepreneur, is the mom of three recent college grads. Like many of us, she was stunned to learn that food insecurity, a lack of access to affordable, nutritious food, affects more than 1/3 of American college students.

Shocked? Me, too.

Please click on the links, above, to learn more about these two student run organizations and the the impact they’re making.

When Fishman and I spoke, my mind began racing with ways to use these spice blends. I promptly ordered all eight of them so I could begin to play.

At $7.00 a jar (all glass, no plastic) or $25. for a boxed set of any four,  I can’t think of a better gift to share. Meet My Kneads® blends are a win/win for the recipient (why not gift yourself?) and you’ll know you’ve done your part in raising awareness to combat food insecurity on campuses across the USA.

On the sweet side (and who isn’t baking more these days?) there are four blends, including the Ungapatchke Challah® blend Fishman uses as a regular topping for her challah. See recipe below.

kosher vegan gluten free spice blends
Photo: Meet My Kneads®

Cinnamon Shtik®, Chai is Chai® and Bubbe’s Bakery® are all blended to elevate your baking. But don’t stop there. If you like chocolatey coffee add a teaspoon of Bubbe’s Bakery® to your morning brew. More chocolate in your chocolate souffle? Check!

Make frostings, cake batter, cookie dough more densely chocolate with the same or chose Chai is Chai® for your apple cake, muffins, Thanksgiving sides or cookies. It’s delightfully sophisticated with cardamom, black pepper, fennel and nutmeg among other flavors.

Chai is Chai spice blend kosher vegan gluten free
Photo: Meet My Kneads®

On the savory side I’ve fallen hard for Zayde’s BBQ® blend. Last night, I peeled and sliced sweet potatoes,  tossed them in Global Gardens EVOO and this slightly spicy blend of chili, garlic, pepper, lemon and more. This blend may be intended as a chicken or meat rub but these crispy sweet potatoes are going into our weekly rotation.

Meet My Kneads® spice blends
Photo: Meet My Kneads®

Meshuga for Mexican® is my next savory fave but really, don’t make me choose from the four. What can I say? Avocado toast will never leave my top five favorite breakfast foods and Meshuga for Mexican®, with a bright blend of cilantro, coriander, lemon and garlic brings breakfast (or rice or potatoes) to a whole new level.

Meet My Kneads® kosher vegan gluten free spice blends

Because I’m so crazy for these blends and Fishman’s mission, I’ll be running a give-away on our facebook page and Instagram feed @kosherlikeme, shortly. If we’re not friends yet, please be sure to join me so you don’t miss a thing.

In the meantime, consider buying these blends as great birthday, new home, wedding, office or holiday gifts. Don’t forget yourself and the kosherlikeme10 discount at checkout.

Classic, traditional challah recipe, below, is from Rising: The Book of Challah, by Rebbetzin Rochie Pinson. Thank you, Rebbetzin Pinson, for sharing this recipe.

Disclosure: When readers purchase items through some of the links in this post (none for Meet My Kneads® spice blends), Kosher Like Me may benefit by receiving a small percentage of that sale. There is no cost for the buyer. Thanks for supporting this blogging habit of mine.


    • Clearly, we share the same passion for these distinctive and do- good blends. If you click the link for Meet My Kneads spices in the blogpost you may place your order directly.

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