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Thanksgiving Sides Beyond the Bird

Thanksgiving Sides Beyond the Bird

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we’re as excited as you are! We know some of you have been pinning recipes since Labor Day. We have, too!

We’re here to help with the basics and beyond by steering you to some of our readers’ favorite past posts and directing you to many of our talented blogging pals’ recipes on our pinterest board here. Watch for our highlights later this week.

But first, we want to share a veggie loaded side dish created by our favorite chef/owner at The Stand in CT.

Carissa Hvizdo and her gang have an extensive vegan take-out menu ready to order from if you need a little relief from the Thanksgiving load (and who doesn’t?) Look for some of our faves like Maple Baked Beans and Cauliflower Quinoa Stuffing. Paired with Cinnamon Gravy, this stuffing plays dual purpose as a dairy free, gluten free side.

Photo: Liz Rueven
Photo: Liz Rueven

Order by November 21 if you’re lucky enough to live close by in CT.

If not, enjoy a taste of Marissa’s deeply nutritious and savory cooking in this recipe for Winter Squash Stuffed Vegan Quiche. Carissa combined her honey-nut and butternut stuffed squash dish with sauteed veggies from her farm and voila! Whip up this dairy free side and  the vegetarians and vegans at the table will be happy as pumpkin pie!

For more info on Carissa and Mike’s Hideaway Farm, an inspiring 15 acre zero waste farm on the banks of the CT. River, click here.

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