Strawberries & Cream Noodle Kugel Signals Springtime
Photo: Liz Rueven

Strawberries & Cream Noodle Kugel Signals Springtime

I grew up eating the same dairy noodle kugel that everyone else’s Mom seemed to make. We all thought that our Mom’s was the best. Of course. Still, it was SO one note. Where was the fruit? Why were the Moms not thinking about strawberries and sour cream, the ultimate spring combination?

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How the Moms of the 60’s and 70’s all had the same recipe is a mystery to me. There were few variations: some had buttery corn flake crumb toppings while others were crispy with bronzed egg noodles. We always referred to this creamy dish as milchig lokshen*kugel. As basic and unvaried as it was it was always the star on Shavuot** and at Yom Kippur break fast.

Somehow it became a Jewish classic.

Safe at home (NOT stuck. repeat: NOT stuck) during this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve had plenty of time to  clean out my kitchen garden beds and deliberate about what to plant and cook as one day runs into the next. I had a jolt of joy when I saw that my strawberry plants survived the CT winter (I had no idea that they are perennial)and were already blossoming. Sweet strawberries cannot be far behind.

Kosher Like Me strawberries & cream noodle kugel
Photo: Liz Rueven

Strawberry plants reappearing so unexpectedly led me to think about using them to add color and seasonal notes in dairy noodle pudding. Lots of lemon zest and creamy ricotta cheese bring this kugel around to tasting like cheese blintz’s first cousin. Two tasters thought it was more dessert than, well, whatever course kugel is supposed to be.

I prefer it, warmed until creamy again, for breakfast.

While my strawberries are not ready yet, local farms will be bursting with luscious ruby fruit in pick-your-own fields from early June- early July. I decided to get a jump on testing a strawberry dairy noodle kugel so we can enjoy it for Shavuot or be ready for berry picking season*** in early summer.

Strawberries & Cream Noodle Kugel Kosher Like Me
Photo: Liz Rueven

These winding thoughts led me to create this Strawberries and Cream Noodle Kugel for my instagram takeover for The Great Big Jewish Food Fest, a virtual celebration of Jewish foods with chefs, scholars, thinkers and community gathering to nosh, celebrate, share happy hours and Shabbat gatherings.

The festival runs May 19-28, 2020 so hop over to the site and register for as many sessions as you like.

While the fest is free, attendees are encouraged to help food businesses, workers and others experiencing food insecurity. Click here to donate to the Festival General Fund or direct your donation to a specific campaign.

Stay safe. Stay in. Learn something new and take a much needed break at The Great Big Jewish Food Fest. See you there.

Hag Sameah.




*Pronounced luskshen.

** Shavuot 2020 is celebrated beginning on the eve of 5/28 through the eve of 5/30. For more on origins of the food customs for Shavuot, click here.

*** If berry picking isn’t possible this summer, find a friend who grows them in abundance. Be sure to mark your calendars for berry picking in summer 2021. The season is brief and very busy on weekends.

Kosher Like Me Strawberries & Cream Noodle Kugel
Photo: Liz Rueven



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