One Bowl Summer Salad: Quinoa, Peaches & Minty Lime Dressing
Photo: Liz Rueven

One Bowl Summer Salad: Quinoa, Peaches & Minty Lime Dressing

There’s nothing that sets my heart aflutter like local peaches piled high at my farmers’ market in CT. Now that our market has cautiously re-opened for “day of” shopping (so carefully, masked up, all precautions taken in this crazy time of pandemic) I’m honing in on big salads that will serve as a one bowl meal in one.

CT peaches
Photo: Liz Rueven

This gluten-free & vegan Summer Quinoa Salad with Peaches and Minty Citrus Dressing hits all the marks.

It stands on its own, gets better as it rests in the fridge and solves your dilemma about what to serve as a side for dinner the next night. This recipe is meant to be as spontaneous and easy as a summer eve. Substitutions* are only limited by what you have in your cupboard or what you score at the market.

Trying to get-away (remember when?) for a picnic or packing your own dinner to have 6 feet from friends? This one packs easily and can be served at room temperature at your next socially distanced outing.

Quinoa salad with peaches
Photo: Kosher Like Me

I created this salad for the Westport Farmers’ Market recipe of the month, where local cooks, chefs and farmers highlight seasonal ingredients and share recipes to encourage shoppers to eat locally and in step with the seasons. It’s a great index of recipes so please take a look.

Another great resource for creatives looking to imagine flavor pairings beyond your average (but always perfect) tomatoes and basil, check out The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. Their ingredient profiles help to launch my imagination every time.

kosher vegan gluten free quinoa summer salad
Photo: Liz Rueven

Under the listing for peaches, maple syrup was suggested as a compatible flavor and from there it all flows from my kitchen to yours. I wouldn’t have thought of it but it works and keeps this recipe vegan.

Enjoy this high protein, deeply nutritious, peachy salad for yet, another, stay-at-home breakfast, zoom lunch or eat-in-dinner. It will solve the “what are we having?” dilemma for a few meals.

Please take care, eat well and wear a mask.



*Instead of peaches use fresh cherries, nectarines, grapes or apples in autumn.
Sub wild rice, brown rice or orzo for the quinoa or mix any of these with quinoa in 50/50 ratio.
Sub red onions or shallots for the scallions.
Add black beans, frozen peas, leftover chicken or salmon to the mix.
Add dried cherries or chopped apricots.
Exchange chopped almonds, or any nut you love, for the pistachios.

kosher gluten free vegan Quinoa salad
Photo: Liz Rueven


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