Springing Forward & a Few Observations
Grapevines outside of Jerusalem-Photo: Liz Rueven

Springing Forward & a Few Observations

Springtime has sprung on the vines and on the fruit trees. While we’re patiently waiting for piles of snow to melt in the shadiest corners of our yard, we’re doing a daily walkabout and noticing signs of new growth.

Delicate blush tinged buds are popping on our bent and gnarled apple trees. They’re grouped in clusters,  just as they have been in orchards throughout New England for hundreds of years. There’s a more vibrant pink haze at the tip of our cherry trees and magnolias. Tender green shoots remind us of long forgotten bulbs we planted before the ground froze in November.

We’re planning our vegetable garden and hoping to harvest new salad greens, maybe some crucifers, and plenty of sweet tomatoes of all sizes and colors. We’re noticing that our strawberry plants have survived in our raised beds and are leafing out again. We’re waiting for fresh mint to return so we can begin brewing our favorite tea and seasoning dinners with this pesky perennial.

We’re looking for garden tools for our favorite two year old to use so he can rejoice at the wonder of growing something he can pop directly into his sweet mouth.

lime blossoms Kosher Like Me
Lime blossoms outside of Jerusalem-Photo: Liz Rueven

We’re gearing up to shop our favorite farmers’ market to reconnect with our trusted organic growers. We can’t wait to bump into friends who are loyal to the weekly rhythm of exploring what’s being harvested.

See something you’ve never tried before? Ask your farmer if you may taste it.

Excited about something you discover as you do your rounds of the vendors? Don’t keep it to yourself. Share with that stranger next to you so she can catch your wonder and find new ingredients to play with.

Here at Kosher Like Me, watch for information and inspiration as we explore markets, events, ingredients, recipes, books that inspire us and folks that move us with their passion.

We wish all of our readers and friends a season of renewal, promise and hope.

We’ll see ya next week with a super give-away, a recipe with deep roots in German Jewish kitchens and plenty of inspiration as we gear up for our favorite season.





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