Poached Pears The Easy Way

Poached Pears The Easy Way

Here is a reliably tasty recipe for luscious and elegant poached pears.

This recipe came to me via my friend Elise, blogger at Much Ado About Stuffing.
 She is a fearless kosher cook with an endless array of great recipes up her sleeve.
I love this recipe because it is not hugely decadent but it’s still packed with flavor. It is super flexible, especially when it comes to adding a topping after the pears come out of the oven.
I picked up some sweet and spicy pecans and threw them into my food processor with parave (non-dairy) ginger cookies I find at Whole Foods.
I also threw some dried cranberries in with the juice before placing the pan in the oven. A little more color is a good thing, always.
Top the pears however you like, but add the crumbled topping after the pears come out of the oven.
Plate these these beauties with cookies, sliced chocolate pound cake, or ice cream (dairy or parave).
After a heavy meal, it is a great way to serve fruit, especially when the markets are abundant with succulent and local pears to chose from.


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