Pass the Wine- Pairings for Passover

Pass the Wine- Pairings for Passover

We’ve invited Yosef Silver of to share some great Passover wine finds and pairings with just enough time to order before the holiday begins on April 3.
He’s made it easy by breaking  it down into his favorite pairings with meat, vegetarian and fish meals. And he’s attached a discount code just for our readers!
Easy Peasy!
Contributed by Yosef Silver
Wine Pairings for a Vegetarian Passover
If you are serving a light meal this Passover, there are a few recipes that I recommend you add to your menu.  My coconut roasted butternut squash is a popular side dish and a colorful  alternative to roasted potatoes.  It would be great alongside Liz’s Quinoa Salad with Spring Vegetables .
I would pair this lighter, meat-free meal with a well chilled Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc. This white is crisp, refreshing and invigorating.
Hagfen Chardonnay would be another excellent choice for these dishes. Both wines would pair well with Quinoa Filled Squash Boats or an appetizer of Papaya, Smoked Salmon and Capers. This California Chardonnay is aged in small oak barrels, producing rich flavors with luscious citrus notes.  
 Wine Pairings for a Meat Passover Menu
So many people turn to brisket for their Passover Seder, but when eating late at night, I much prefer a lighter meal of chicken or turkey.  My Google-Inspired Braised Chicken with Beets and Kale is a crowd pleaser. But when it comes to challenging pairings like kale, you can take an easy route and have more of that Hagafen Chardonnay on hand, or look toward a dry Riesling.
Gilgal White Riesling is immensely popular with customers, not only for it’s price, but it’s balanced floral qualities.  It will compliment the chicken, beet and kale evenly and also works well with a spicier chicken dishes. 
If turkey is on your menu, consider an excellent Bordeaux or Merlot is a good match.
With these Turkish style meatballs with leeks I’d suggest pairing Chateau Laforet Bordeaux 2010.  This red wine is simply delightful, with luscious creaminess and hints of vanilla. It’s a wine that I will be buying by the case for Passover!  I haven’t had a red wine quite like it, the wine has a perfect balance and finish and is a testament to the quality of 2010 Bordeaux grapes, thought to be one of the best vintages in recent history. 
Two of my favorite turkey recipes are also perfect for Passover.  The first is a Turkey Breast Stuffed with Quinoa and Dried Apricots. Served alongside roasted carrots with a squeeze of fresh lime, it would pair well with Capcanes Peraj Ha’Abib. This Spanish blend of Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan is aged in both French and American Oak.  Let this wine breath and observe it’s ruby color with concentrated flavors of cassis and currents.  This is a 90 point wine that will age nicely over the next ten years, too. 

I also enjoy making turkey with citrus and fennel and recently shared this recipe.  Fennel is a vegetable that can greatly influence my choice of pairing.  Like the turkey, fennel’s anise-like flavor has as affinity with a great Bordeaux, Merlot or a variety of white wines.  If you’re looking for a red, my choice would be Psagot Merlot. It benefits from 13 months of aging in French oak,  creating a fruit-forward wine with soft tannins and a slight spice in the finish.


 Wine Pairings for a Fish Centric Passover Menu

I’m drooling over my keyboard as I look at pictures of this Cod Provencal.  Drooling!  I can smell the aroma of the fennel and onion as this cooks and imagine the tender cod separating at my fork’s gentle touch. A dish like this deserves the very best. I’d suggest Flam Rose.

These Cab-Franc grapes were cold-pressed for several hours, to extract the perfect color, before being fermented to create floral aromas and flavors.  Attention to detail is critical when cooking cod, and the wine makers at Flam are shining examples of attention to detail when it comes to wine making.


If you’re serving Salmon, this slow roasted salmon showcases the flavor of the fish itself.  I can’t think of a better accompaniment than the roasted beet relish in the same post.  A dish like this needs a wine that won’t be overpowering, something to truly compliment the salmon. Be careful not to serve anything too bold.

Go for the  Goose Bay Pinot Grigio, a light, fragrant and highly rated white.  Like the Sauvignon Blanc,  be sure to serve this well chilled.

Passover Cases 
I am always happy to answer questions about your food and wine pairings on Twitter @ysilver and I invite you to check out all my Passover recipes at This American Bite.  
If it’s convenience you’re looking for, I can also recommend these Kosher for Passover Mixed Cases that start at just $149. These wildly popular hand-chosen Passover wines take the stress out of placing your wine order, and when you order a full case from, the wine ships to your door for free! (A surcharge may apply when shipping to TX or MA) This year’s Passover Cases went live at earlier this week and they are selling fast, so you should take advantage of them today while they are still available.   There are three to choose from so I am sure there’s one that is perfect for your palette, menu and budget.
One more thing – this is my Passover gift to you.  I’ve long been a fan of Kosher Like Me and the recipes Liz shares, so I am going to offer you an exclusive coupon to use when you order any of these wines at  Enter the code KLMPASSOVER5 when you check out and you’ll get 5% off everything in your cart.  

About: Yosef Silver has a passion for food and wine and is Director of Marketing at and it’s sister companies.  He is dedicated to helping brands understand how to give their customers the very best online experience and he’d love to chat with you on Twitter (@ysilver).  When he isn’t exploring the world of Kosher wine, he is sharing his unique perspective on kosher cooking at This American Bite.



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