Leave the Passover Baking to the Experts

Leave the Passover Baking to the Experts

I love it when my readers tell me what they need! So when M. phoned to ask where oh where should she buy her Passover desserts, we took the challenge and got to work looking for the best of the best.

For those strictly kosher or not so much, those on the west side or the west coast, we’ve got your  freshly baked, professionally made Passover dessert options covered.

Don’t see your favorite Passover bakery listed here?  We couldn’t cover them all. So, DO tell us where YOU buy your sweets by leaving a comment at the end of the post.




Tova’s All Natural

Photo: Tova's All Natural
Photo: Tova’s All Natural


Tova’s All Natural gluten and dairy free desserts include gourmet coconut macaroons, classic French macarons, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffle tortes, marshmallows and even more tempting treats. They will bake your order fresh and ship right to your door – anywhere in the country.


  • Website: Click here to learn more
  • Location: Dumont, NJ
  • Deadline to order: March 27th  (will arrive on April 2nd unless requested differently)


Challah Connection and Kosher Gift Box

Wise Passover Basket- Kosher Gift Box
Wise Passover Basket- Kosher Gift Box

Surf on over to Challah Connection/Kosher Gift Box, an online bounty for freshly made, certified kosher for Passover gift baskets full of options such as rainbow cookies, macaroons, 7-layer cakes and sweet raspberry rolls. Use the code “KLMPAS214” when ordering a minimum of $75 on their site (expires 3/26) to get a 10% discount, exclusive for our Kosher Like Me readers. This makes a great gift for your Seder hosts.


  • Website: Check out all their options here
  • Location:  Located in Norwalk, CT, but offer nationwide shipping
  • Deadline to order: March 26th (for delivery by April 3)  – don’t forget your discount code!



photo: Mansoura Bakery
photo: Mansoura Bakery


Add some authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern pareve desserts with help from Mansoura’s. Their family business goes back over 200 years! The gourmet glacé chocolate apricots, decadent chocolate chip biscotti and loads of other chocolate covered confections look particularly enticing.


  • Website: Check ‘em out here and give them a ring for further information
  • Location: Brooklyn, NYC
  • Deadline to order: March 26th



For plenty of gluten-free options that are made off-site for Passover in a strictly kosher facility, try Butterflake. They are showcasing some irresistible, unique sweets like ringy dingy’s, mocha rolls, chocolate brownies, cupcakes and a whole lot more.


  • Website: Check out their menu here
  • Location: Teaneck, NJ – nationwide shipping available
  • Deadline to order: March 30th – pick up dates can be found here (note: they offer both pick up and nationwide shipping)



Prime Butcher Baker

NYC’s Prime Butcher Baker has caught our eye (and palate) again, this time with their white chocolate mousse, lemon meringue chiffon cake, chocolate mocha roulade, Fresh pear, almond  & cardamom torte Pesach desserts.


  • Website: Click here (scroll down to check out the full dessert menu)
  • Location: 2 locations in NYC
  • Deadline to order: April 1st – but best to order ASAP as these guys are super popular!


Schick’s Bakery

One of the biggest and most renowned kosher for Passover resources can be found right here in NYC at Schick’s Bakery. On offer this year to indulge your post-Seder sweet tooth: gourmet baked goods such as coffee seven-layer cake, praline nut rolls, apple cake and ladyfingers.


  • Website: Full Passover menu available here
  • Location: NYC
  • Deadline to order: Ring them at (718) 436-8020 to inquire about ordering.


Fairway Market

 Fairway is prepared to cater your entire holiday meal this year; but if you are just looking for the finale, try their praline cake, assortment of macaroons, nut brittle bar cookies or chocolate fudge cake, all strictly kosher for Passover and available for pick up or delivery (in Manhattan).


  • Website: Catering menu available here
  • Location: NY/CT/NJ
  • Deadline to order: March 26th


Westville Kosher Market

The Westville Kosher Market is sure to meet all of your grocery and butcher needs. Just don’t miss the freshly made desserts available like passion fruit mousse, black forest cake and raspberry tart, all of which are shipped from a specialty kosher for Passover NYC bakery directly to their storefront.


  • Website: Full menu here
  • Location: New Haven, CT
  • Deadline to order: March 29th (close April 3rd at 1pm and re-open April 13th at 8:30am)


Baker’s Dozen

Photo: Baker's Dozen
Photo: Baker’s Dozen


Pastry chef Sara Goldstein will bake you made-to-order kosher for Passover (but not certified) items including blueberry muffins, mint chocolate mousse trifles, Boston cream pies, fudge crackle cookies and brownies, right in her own home kitchen.


  • Website: Her website is here, but give her a ring at (516) 527-4039 to place your order
  • Location: NYC  – nationwide shipping
  • Deadline to order: Orders to be shipped (only cookies & brownies) and all others must be placed by March 22.


My Most Favorite Food

My Most Favorite Food’s bakery is hard to “Passover” considering their wide selection of pareve and mostly gluten-free desserts, including lemon tart, chocolate hazelnut biscotti, gooey chocolate brownies, flourless chocolate cake with fresh berries, and much more. 


  • Website: Full Passover menu & ordering form available here
  • Location: NYC – but nationwide shipping
  • Deadline to order: Advance order for nationwide shipping is Monday, March 23rd; in-store purchases can be made up until through Friday, April 3rd


Susan sez “say it with cake”



Speechless when it comes to choosing the perfect Passover dessert this year? Susan Sez – “say it with cake! This NYC-based gourmet bakery offers Pesach desserts that “capture the essence of homemade.” They switch over their kitchen for the holiday and are baking an extensive dessert selection, including biscotti, brownies and almond cake – most of which can be shipped nationwide.


  • Website: Click here to order today
  • Location: NYC
  • Deadline to order: March 22


Schwartz Bakery

Pay attention, west siders (and we mean of the country, not city): Schwartz Bakery, LA’s first kosher bakery, is a must for an array of Passover dessert options including marzipan, black and white cookies, rum cakes, bon-bons and fresh blueberry tarts.


  • Website: Full Passover menu here
  • Location: 5 locations throughout Los Angeles, CA
  • Deadline to order:  Call to order and inquire about shipping at (310) 854-0592


Eilat Bakery

Gran Marnier cakes, tiramisu and mocha strips; this is just a mere mouthwatering morsel of the many gluten-free, dairy-free, non-gebrokt freshly baked sweets that can be found at LA’s Eilat Bakery this year.


  • Website: Complete Passover menu is found here
  • Location: 2 locations in Los Angeles, CA
  • Deadline to order: Call (310) 205-8700 to learn more


Whole Foods

While we favor freshly baked over packaged goods, we know many of our readers turn to Whole Foods regularly (as do we); so if you are swinging by there for last minute Seder ingredients and realize you’ve blanked on the sweet ending for the holiday meal, check out their debut kosher for Passover dessert options. The first-ever commercially produced donut and brownie brittle by Rebecca & Rose, as well as the fruit jellies from Harrison’s Sweet Shoppe (all completely free of preservatives or any other artificial junk) have particularly captured our attention.


  • Website: Learn more here
  • Location: Nationwide stores
  • Deadline to order: Just swing by your local WF anytime!



What does Passover friendly mean? These bakeries do NOT turn over for the holiday. They are baked in the spirit of Pesach, without flour and leavening.


Russ and Daughters

Leave it to the culinary masters of Russ and Daughters to windup your Passover feast. Here’s a tantalizing taste of what they’re have to offer this year: macaroons (including coconut and chocolate-dipped), almond kisses, flourless chocolate cake and chocolate toffee matzo, just to name a few.


  • Website: Get all the sweet deets here
  • Location: NYC
  • Deadline to order: Three days in advance for both pick up or delivery in NYC/nationwide


Jacque Torres Chocolate

Add some unleavened crunch to your Seder with Jacque Torres’ dark chocolate covered “Wicked” matzo, coconut delights, or pure white chocolate Shalom bars available in NYC and via shipping nationwide. Since they use FedEx and offer next day or two-day options, you get super fresh chocolate delivered to your doorstep in a wink.


  • Website: Passover sweets are available here
  • Location:  8 locations – plus nationwide shipping!
  • Deadline to order: Since they offer overnight shipping, you can order up until the day before you need it


By The Way Bakery

Photo: Leslie Kahan/Leslie Kahan Photography
Photo: Leslie Kahan/Leslie Kahan Photography


This old-fashioned bakery is tempting us with made-from-scratch dairy and gluten free rich mocha walnut tortes, moist Sephardic apple cake, mini orange almond cakes, crunchy almond cookies and coconut macaroons, all freshly made and available for pick up in NYC.


  • Website: Feast your eyes here
  • Location: Hastings-on-Hudson & Broadway, NYC
  • Deadline to order: Tuesday, March 31st (no shipping but orders can be picked up at both of their locations)


Breads Bakery

Photo: Brian Kennedy
Photo: Brian Kennedy


The flourless dessert options available at Breads Bakery include classic holiday cookies (coconut macaroons, almond crunch, chocolate chip and chocolate pistachio), date & nut rolls, fruit tarts, chocolate mousse cakes, and even Danish marzipan. Anyone still deciding on the main dish for Seder? Consider their Matzah Quiche, made with mushroom and Jerusalem artichoke!


  • Website: Connect with them here
  • Location: NYC
  • Deadline to order: Goods available starting March 27th and can be ordered in advance for pick-up


Eli Zabar

Photo: Eli Zabar
Photo: Eli Zabar

This NYC bakery has orange or lemon sponge cake, chocolate-glazed orange cake and lots more mouthwatering sweets that can be picked up in NYC or delivered within Manhattan.


  • Website: Full Passover menu found here
  • Location: 5 locations in NYC
  • Deadline to order: At least two days in advance


Claire’s Corner Copia

Claire LaPia’s organic bakery section has delicious freshly baked, simple yet unique Coconut Macaroons for Passover. Drop by their place in New Haven, CT or give them call at (203) 562-3888 to place your order today.


  • Website: Click here to learn more
  • Location: New Haven, CT
  • Deadline to order: Order one day in advance (for both pick up and shipping – they use FedEx overnight)


Garelick & Herbs

photo: Liz Rueven
photo: Liz Rueven

Head over to Garelick & Herbs for some freshly baked desserts made using only Passover ingredients, including strawberry shortcake, layered chocolate mousse cake, cupcakes, brownies, and macaroons. Place your order by March 30th by calling (203) 972-4497 or stop by one of their four CT locations to chat with the bakers themselves.


  • Website: Click here for their full Passover menu
  • Location: Westport, Saugatuck, New Canaan & Greenwich, CT  
  • Deadline to order: Monday, March 30th; pick up on April 3rd from 10am-5pm




    • And I tasted both the chocolate mousse layer cake and the yellow layered cake with fresh strawberries and cream (pareve). They were moist and delicious! Their list of food items from their kosher kitchen is impressive, also.

  1. Thanks for this post–it’s really helpful. Maybe even too helpful, because it looks impossible to decide! I guess we can have more desserts, and fewer side dishes before. That’s an option for sure!

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