Launch Your Thanksgiving Feast with Pumpkin Bisque

Launch Your Thanksgiving Feast with Pumpkin Bisque

With Thanksgiving one week away, there is still plenty of time to deliberate over the menu.  One thing is for sure, though, and that is that I’ll be serving soup as a warming and tantalizing opener at our Autumnal Feast.

I turned to my good friend, food writer and cookbook author, Ronnie Fein, for inspiration here. Together we deliberated between a parsnip and carrot soup and Pumpkin Bisque. While I find the subtle sweetness of parsnips alluring, it occurred to me that I had never integrated pears into soup before, so the Pumpkin Bisque won out.

The contrast of the curry against the sweetness of ripe pears, the velvety texture after blending, and the happy burst of orange brightness come together to make an unusual soup course. Consider making it a couple of day’s ahead so the flavors have time to meld.

Check Fein’s Hip Kosher for more easy and tempting recipes and follow her cooking adventures at Kitchen Vignettes.

Thank you to Bobbie Bernstein, for her photo of Parsnip Man. I love the way her  sense of humor and keen eye come together as she peers through her lens.


  1. Sadly, we don’t have a soup course at our Thanksgiving table, but this looks like a wonderful addition my winter repertoire. Curry and coconut milk make an incredible pair and I’m looking forward to enjoying this recipe on a chilly day.

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