Kabocha and Coconut-Ginger Soup

Kabocha and Coconut-Ginger Soup

My friends Melissa and Marissa taught a group of friends how to make this creamy vegan soup (along with other wonderful dishes) in a Celebration of Harvest hands-on-cooking class at Chabad of Westport, CT this week. For those of you who couldn’t be there,

I just had to share it with you since it’s another great one for Thanksgiving. Don’t be put off by this pic of Melissa taking Kabocha outside for a pounding. The test run -through of this recipe resulted in an easy tip for how to deal with tough squash. Read on.




Roxy resting amid the test kitchen action
Roxy resting amid the test kitchen action

Thank you Melissa Roberts for this scrumptious recipe. It was a hoot being in the test kitchen with you and Marissa (and sweet Roxy) last week!


  1. liz…you have single-handedly inspired me to cook next week!
    i was a guest who was just going to bring nice wine…now i will be a guest who will be bringing deliciousness (and nice wine :))
    mazol tov!!!!!

  2. Would you recommend this as a make ahead recipe? Complete all steps exept for the coconut milk, reheat when ready and add coconut milk a that time? Thinking about doing this for Thanksgiving…

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