Carrot Soup with Harissa and Coconut

Carrot Soup with Harissa and Coconut

Do you serve a soup course for Thanksgiving? I love the warm spices and seasonal veggies highlighted in the soups we’ll be sharing this week and next. Consider making any of these bowls of goodness 3-4 days ahead of the feast. They will all benefit from time spent resting in the back of your refrigerator as their flavors develop.

And best of all, we’re keeping each dish quick and simple but they won’t taste that way, promise.

Thank you, Ronnie Fein, author of the recently released The Modern Kosher Kitchen, for this bold and vibrant soup. To learn more about Ronnie’s latest cookbook, check out why we love it by clicking here.


  1. You know, my family hasn’t traditionally served a soup course for Thanksgiving, but I’m thinking it’s about time we introduced the idea… Especially with such a glorious carrot puree, you would definitely start out the meal on a high note.

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