Introducing:  Side Dish

Introducing: Side Dish

Magazines pile up, the Cooking Channel, Food Network and other bloggers’ beautiful photos and posts cry out for my attention. I am seduced by news of restaurant openings, farm to table dinners, fascinating events, chefs on the rise,  and recipes I never imagined.
Here at Kosher Like Me I have been focusing on the entree, if you will.
But so many other great tidbits of information and inspiration call out to me each day. Beginning today, check out Side Dish, for quick bites of irresistible and compelling food features.

If I find it interesting, I’m going to share it all with you here. Check back frequently to read Side Dish, an accompaniment to the “main course” offered each week.

A special thank you to a couple of honest friends who encouraged me to share more HERE, and less on that social network page that simultaneously attracts and drives us crazy.

And as always, thank you to Jessica Bram, founder and instructor at the Westport Writers Workshop, for her inspired brainstorming with me.

There is nothing better than candid friends and generous teachers (except for delicious eats, of course)!

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