The Seduction of Dark Chocolate & Make Your own Bark

The Seduction of Dark Chocolate & Make Your own Bark

The powers of dark chocolate have been revealed in study after study.
 I admit to feeling giddy each time my disbelief is dispelled. The exciting news, that dark chocolate can help reduce mild high blood pressure, was big enough.
But then came the news that dark chocolate is a potent antioxidant that works hard to battle free radicals that prompt disease.
How happy are we?!
Whether you celebrate St. Valentine’s Day or not  (the discussion revolves around its pagan roots in a fertility festival called Jupercalia) the seduction of chocolate inevitably beckons as mid- February approaches.

What I do know, is that expressing love and offering sweets feels right any time.

I turned to Amie Guyette Hall, nutritional and life coach and the East Coast’s original “ Cacao Cowgirl”,  with my cravings and curiosities.
Amie makes her own raw, dark chocolate sweets and shares her zero guilt attitude with clients in private consultation, classes, presentations and cooking events.
She explains that unprocessed, raw cacao powder doesn’t contain caffeine (it is the heat used in processing that prompts it), and is so high in immunity boosting properties that it can actually help soothe strep throat.

She buys her 5 pound bags of raw cacao powder from Eat Raw in Brooklyn, gathers her organic coconut oil, agave nectar, raw cacao nibs and beans and heads to her kitchen.

She creates delectable raw chocolate treats that will satisfy any hankering.

The silken texture, seductively deep, intensely chocolaty flavors she achieves is due to her high quality, pure, and raw ingredients.

My favorite was the Chocolate Spice Bark, her basic high intensity recipe for chocolate treats with the addition of cranberries, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and pink sea salt.

Anyone who loves minty fresh candy will find Amie’s Mint Chocolate Chip Bark irresistible.

Check out her site for information on her nutritional consultations and raw chocolate events.

Most sources for raw ingredients are certified kosher but check each one if that is your concern.


  1. Oh my goodness. You have truly inspired me to try something different. Who knew you could get your chocolate fix and do some good for your body (and soul) all at once? Can’t wait to try this one!

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