Greening your Passover Menus & Asparagus Soup
Photo: Liz Rueven

Greening your Passover Menus & Asparagus Soup

I’m in the very best company as I present my Passover cooking class via zoom on April 6, 2022 from 7:30- 9 PM. I’m smack in the middle of presentations by two of my favorite Jewish cooking icons, Joan Nathan and Leah Koenig. I’m honored to be in such talented company. Truly gobsmacked, in fact.

You may register for my class (It’s free courtesy of the Beth Elles) at Congregation Beth El in Norwalk, CT. by clicking here.

As any of my loyal readers might expect, my inspiration for this class, called Greening your Passover Menus, is meant to inspire with encouragement to celebrate the holiday by eating whole, local and seasonal foods.

Asparagus kosher like me
Photo: Liz Rueven

Wondering if any of you experience that crazy “matzah belly” during the holiday week? How ’bout that inexplicable and constant case of the hungaries that persists through the entirety of the eight days of liberation?

In the spirit of  calming our bellies and welcoming one of the earliest spring crops to the table, I’ll be teaching how to prepare this Creamy Vegan Asparagus Soup. Puree these simple ingredients to a velvety texture with your vitamix or immersion blender and don’t tell the cauliflower naysayers that cauliflower is indeed, responsible, for this luscious, velvety puree.

As much as I love chicken soup, and yes, we do enjoy it during the week, THIS soup is my go-to.

I’ll be teaching how to make this Asparagus Soup (pareve, vegan and gluten-free), along with two other Passover specialties, in my zoom class on April 6. If you’re able to join us, don’t forget to let me know that you read about the class here.

Registration is free. Click here.

kosher like me asaparagus
Exploring asparagus in the field in Israel

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