Fried Green Tomatoes- A Nostalgic Solution

Fried Green Tomatoes- A Nostalgic Solution

A few weeks ago I had a first hand view of the late season harvest on a warm November afternoon with my local farmer, Patti Popp, at Sport Hill Farm in Easton, CT. We meandered through the fields and into one of her greenhouses to check out rows of unripe, green tomatoes clinging to their vines.

November’s weakened sun was not warm enough to ripen this bounty.  We needed to pick ’em or let ’em wither. 


Patti plucked a a few pounds of these apple-green beauties for me. I returned to my kitchen with an armload of luminous, unripe tomatoes and no idea what to do with them.

plenty of green tomatoes

While I never tasted fried green tomatoes growing up in the Northeast, I was as charmed as y’all by the 1991 movie Fried Green Tomatoes. I’m sure I tasted them some time in the 90’s after the movie was released and they began to appear on restaurant menus north of the Mason-Dixon line.


I turned to my only southern friend in CT, Lori Cochran Dougall (Director of the year round Westport Farmers’ Market), for advice on how to handle my bounty.  She advised me with charming Southern gusto.

Turns out that she LOVES fried green tomatoes.


If you can bare to eat one more fried food after this week of celebrating Chanukah, these are well worth it.

If not, file under ” recipes to try after harvest’s grand finale” next year.


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