Easy Entertaining with Kale Phyllo Pie

Easy Entertaining with Kale Phyllo Pie

New Year’s eve is often a potluck affair with our gang. What are you whipping up for the celebration?

I turned to my good friend, Melissa Roberts, for suggestions. I wanted a savory and impressive dish to share with friends at brunch or supper alongside an elegant flute of bubbly. She suggested this delectable Kale Phyllo Pie;  I’m right on it.  

It hits all the marks: readily available ingredients, one-dish,festive and easy to prepare. Most importantly, it is a beautiful and mouthwatering dish that will please everyone at the party. Vegetarians, omnivores, locavores, flexitarians, kosher keepers- this one’s for you.

phyllo kale and feta

As the new year approaches we’d like to wish all of you a great 2015. May it be filled with health, plenty of laughter and scrumptious eats!

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SOOOO- Onto the Kale Phyllo Pie. Don’t be afraid of the phyllo, folks. Here’s how easy it is to whip this up:












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