Fresh Tomato Soup with Yogurt & Chili Pepper

Fresh Tomato Soup with Yogurt & Chili Pepper

Still looking for more ways to get your fill of this season’s glorious tomato crop? Have you made soup yet? This super easy recipe allows the big juicy slicers to shine.

And I can’t think of anything better than a soup that tastes like Summer.

We ate this one chilled and loved it! And as we ease our way towards the end of September, I plan on buying a load of tomatoes from my farmers’ market so I can make another batch to freeze and enjoy on a snowy day. By that time, we’ll be eating it gently warmed and wishing for a break from the snow. Maybe lightly toasted croutons will replace the dollop of sour cream. SIGH.


This recipe calls for harissa, a spicy sun dried chili pepper spread. My favorite harissa is from NYShuk. You can learn more about harissa and buy Ron and Leetal Arazi’s Middle Eastern products here.

Thank you Ronnie Fein, blogger at Kitchen Vignettes and author of Hip Kosher, for this sunny and tasty soup recipe.


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