Feeling Lucky? Play in this Summer Give-away!

Feeling Lucky? Play in this Summer Give-away!

We’ve put together a fantastic give-away to help you chill from now until the first frost. We simply refuse to buy into all of this chatter about end of summer while the days are long and the nights are balmy. Instead, we’re sipping delightful, organic cold brew teas from Leaf and Ardor and we think you should be doing the same.

The talented founders of Leaf and Ardor are sharing one package of each of their newly launched cold brew teas: Solstice Sun (aromatic English Breakfast), Moroccan Mint and Ruby Rose Hips (rose hips, hibiscus and lemongrass) . Each bag includes four large 1-quart sachets.

To sweeten the deal, our favorite glassblowers at Simon Pearce are sharing their most contemporary pitcher, the large Barre Pitcher, so you can cold brew in style.

For more on why we love these teas and recipes for Ruby Rose Hips Sangria and Solstice Sun Smoothies scroll down or click here.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

1. Leave a comment at the end of this post and let us know which of these cold brew teas you’d like to serve at your holiday table. Do you serve chilled tea with the meal or with dessert? Let us know about your tea drinking habits!

2. Head over to Kosher Like Me’s facebook page by clicking here. Be sure to LIKE the page or sign up to receive weekly blog posts automatically. Leave a comment on a facebook post letting us know that you want to win this give-away.

It’s simple!

This contest ends on Tuesday, September 1 at high noon.  We use a random number selector to chose a winner and we’ll count every entry (so enter in every way we’ve outlined). We’ll announce the winner on the same day on our facebook page and by sending the winner an e-mail. Be sure we are friends on facebook.

We’ll ship the Simon Pearce pitcher and Leaf and Ardor’s cold brew teas the next day. Watch for some extra recipe cards with more ideas on how to enjoy these teas. Sangria and Smoothies are just the beginning….

Good luck! Liz




  1. They all look great, but I would be really partial to the Ruby Rose Hips and Solstice Sun Cold Brews. We serve Iced tea with meals and between meals; hot tea with dessert.

  2. Years ago, my brother-in-law nicknamed me “Mrs. Tea,” because whenever he comes to visit, the first thing he does is open my fridge for a glass of my homemade iced tea, typically brewed black tea with lemon, local honey and fresh mint, and often with sliced oranges or stone fruit in season. Since I’m a traditionalist who loves a good English Breakfast Tea, I would serve the Leaf & Arbor Solstice Sun Tea in this beautiful Simon Pearce Pitcher, garnished with orange slices, fresh mint sprigs and a few whole cranberries for a festive holiday drink before the meal.

  3. I would love to try the Ruby Rose Hip Blend but am also intrigued by the Summer Solstice Blend – I just can’t choose between them!

    Thanks for this lovely end-of-summer giveaway!

  4. I serve Tea all day, hot or cold. I think the Ruby Rose Hip Blend would be my first choice but the Moroccan Mint is right on its heels!

    Oh my and the Pitcher is soooo very lovely!

    ~Shana Tova~

  5. What a lovely bunch of teas. I would love to drink the Moroccan Mint or the Solstice Sun. I have to drink cold brew anything because of health issues. And am always looking for a good blend.

  6. Moroccan mint would be awesome to have. Mint is always quite refreshing. I serve hot tea after a meal and iced tea with a meal. The pitcher is lovely. Thank you for the give away.

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