Cold Brewed Teas & Cocktail Brews

Cold Brewed Teas & Cocktail Brews

Katy Morris

Our favorite ladies of Leaf & Ardor Tea Co. never stop brewing!

They’ve concocted a selection of refreshing, unique and healthy new tea blends that “mimic the moods of summer”. Drop these easy to use tea saches into a pitcher of cold water for the perfect iced drink. Leave the sachet to brew (see how gorgeous they are?!) for a morning pick-me-up or evening cocktail.  We’re sharing all the chill news plus recipes today.

Don’t miss our great give-away later this week! We’ve reached out to our our fave glassblowers at Simon Pearce and we’re including an elegant pitcher to serve these cold brews from. Fruity sangria or fragrant tea? You chose! You’l be serving it in style, either way.


Co-owners Connie Pappas & Cristina Copersino recently reminded us that “it’s pretty much impossible to over-steep tea when cold-brewing [their blends], because the cold water extracts less caffeine from the tea, making it perfect for a summer afternoon without caffeine jitters. Hot water and cold water create different chemical reactions when they interact with the tea and herbs so the tasting notes will be slightly different depending on whether you hot brew or cold brew the tea.”


So what are these great new blends we are swooning over? Liz met with the owners for an afternoon tasting at Leaf and Ardor’s studio in CT. Here are her thoughts on the thirst-quenching and unique flavors:

sangria w_ 2 glasses 2

Solstice Sun: This is a unique take on English Breakfast black tea that combines the summery flavors of invigorating orange zest, lemongrass and fresh rose petals. This is a delicately nuanced black tea blend with subtle undertones. Watch the rose petals turn fuschia when they hit the water. Be sure to serve this in a glass pitcher. Your guests will love the colors of the vibrant petals. Try throwing in some fresh fruit to add a delicate natural sweetness without added sugars.


Ruby Rose Hips is an herbal blend of rose hips, hibiscus and lemongrass that offers a berry-fruity and slightly tart taste. Connie & Cristina added that it is also a “potent source of vitamins and antioxidants, especially vitamin C.” Hibiscus and rose hips tint this brew a vibrant hot pink- naturally!  Use a chopstick to stir in agave or local honey to balance the tartness.


The Moroccan Mint is the perfect fusion of uplifting peppermint, spearmint and green tea leaves that would be ideal for a restorative afternoon mojito or mint julep on the back porch. Cristina and Connie recommend adding a touch of agave and sliced lemons for some added flavor. Too lazy to snip mint leaves from your garden? This is the perfect solution.


Want some extra tips?

Be sure to check out our post on cold-brewing tips from the experts. We love Leaf and Ardor because we trust all of their blends are organic, pure and free of any of those extra flavorings and extracts . This is what truly sets their products apart from the rest.

SS Smoothie, KF bowls 2

All new blends are currently available on Leaf and Ardor’s website. Be sure to order soon because they are offering free shipping on all of their cold brews through September 21st using the code “COLDBREW”. CT readers: You may shop these teas at The Pantry in Fairfield, CT and a few other great outlets in the nutmeg state. Check Leaf and Ardor’s site for more info.

Love these porcelain tea bowls made by CT ceramicist Karen Ford? They’re on Leaf and Ardor‘s site, too.

Check these recipes below and chill during these steamy days of August.

Be sure to check back (or subscribe by clicking into the SIGN ME UP bar to the right) for a super give-away later this week. We’ve got a bold, contemporary, hand-blown glass pitcher from Simon Pearce to serve these bright cold teas in.  Of course, we’ll be tossing in plenty of great teas to brew, too!

All photos shot by Connie Pappas and Cristina Copersino and are courtesy of Leaf and Ardor.

Leaf and Ardor Ruby Rose Hips Sangria
4 servings
Leaf and Ardor Ruby Rose Hips Sangria

Leaf and Ardor’s Cold Brew Teas combine with dry rose and peach brandy to make naturally sweet and refreshing sangria.

Recipe is courtesy of Leaf and Ardor Teas.


  • 1 ½ cups cold brewed Leaf & Ardor Ruby Rose Hips
  • 3 cups dry rosé wine
  • ¼ cup peach brandy/liquor
  • 12 ripe pitted cherries, sliced in half
  • ½ cup fresh raspberries
  • 1/2 sweet chopped purple plum
  • ½ ripe yet firm chopped nectarine
  • 1/8 – ¼ cup agave to taste


  1. Add 1 Leaf & Ardor Ruby Rose Hips cold brew sachet to 4 cups cold water. Allow to steep 6 – 8 hours or overnight.
  2. To the tea add rosé wine, chopped fruit and brandy. Mix well. Taste and add a small amount of agave. (We found it needed only 1/8th of a cup or agave, as the sweetness of the fruit begins to infuse while chilling.)
  3. Serve in a wine glass or frosted glass of your choice. Garnish with lemon or lime wedge.


Feel free to sub in any seasonal fruit for summer berries in this recipe. Chose fruit that you love and it will be spot on!


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