Falafel Stuffed Hamantaschen

Falafel Stuffed Hamantaschen

We’re switching it up and baking savory hamantaschen for our Purim celebration next week. And  it couldn’t be any easier.

We’re starting with the perfect basic hamantaschen dough we posted last week. Scroll up or click here to find it.

For a Middle Eastern inspired filling, we’re folding the dough around falafel, popping it all in the oven and drizzling with our favorite tehina. Follow my friend, Sarah Lasry‘s recipe, below, for a totally unexpected savory twist on this traditional treat.

Pair this 3 corned beauty with an Israeli salad (chop chop) and it’s safe to call this dinner.

Note:  Happy holiday! The holiday of Purim begins on Wednesday night, March 4 and continues through March 5, 2015. To see other recipes and learn more about this festive holiday click here and here.

We’d love to know how you celebrate!

What kinds of costumes do you and your kids wear? Your favorite hamantaschen filling? The most creative items you’ve given/ received in Purim gift baskets? We want to know!


photo: Sarah Lasry
photo: Sarah Lasry


    • I asked the chef/recipe writer the same question and she assures me that the combo is delicious. I used OJ instead of orange liqueur. Seasoning the dough, as Sarah has written it, helps to connect the flavors.

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