Cod Provencal & Dreams of Warmer Days

Cod Provencal & Dreams of Warmer Days

Contributed by Melissa Roberts

By now, winter feels endless. Had enough heavy stews and soups already? Even when stuck in winter’s grip, you can bring the warmth of sunnier climes to the table with this one dish fish entree that combines the flavors of Provence.

Thick cod fillets are nestled in a rustic tomato based sauce with fennel, bell pepper, plenty of sliced garlic, onions and olives. The vegetables are cooked down to their essential richness, then finished with a hit of orange zest. The ease of this dish is perfect for a weekday meal rotation, and even better, the sauce’s flavors deepen if made a day or two ahead. Just reheat in the baking dish or bring to room temperature before adding the cod.

photo: Liz Rueven
photo: Liz Rueven


  1. This looks delicious AND easy. Nice to see the suggestion for a good weeknight dinner. Always looking for weeknight inspirations.
    Could capers be substituted for the olives if we’re not olive fans? Or other ideas? The colorful photo is beautiful and takes me away on this grey snowy day. Thanks!

    • Glad you’re feeling a virtual warm- up via this dish, Allison. You can def sub in capers for olives but start with one tablespoon and taste before adding more. Two Tb. would probably be the max if you are a real caper lover (I am also)!

    • Just a quick note to anyone unfamiliar with salt cod. Remember that it needs to be reconstituted by soaking in water for 3-4 days. Change the water every day in the process. Let us know what other variations you’re playing with.

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