Enter to Win I Heart Kosher Cookbook
Photo: Kate Sears; I Heart Kosher

Enter to Win I Heart Kosher Cookbook

Whether you’re planning to cook for the Passover holiday or considering just the right gift to bring to your Seder hosts, Kim Kushner’s latest cookbook and lifestyles book, I Heart Kosher: Beautiful Recipes from my Kitchen, would make an inspiring gift for all home cooks.

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What is your favorite element of the Passover seder and why?

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Recipes and images used with permission from I ❤Kosher: Beautiful Recipes from My Kitchen by Kim Kushner (Weldon Owen 2018; photos by Kate Sears)





  1. My favorite part is getting all my grown-up “kids” (including their significant others) all together for the Seder. There have been years that they were literally scattered all over the world. Now only 1 is in a different time zone.

  2. I love the warmth of family both present and past I feel during our seders. We were non-observant until a few years ago (going on 36 yrs of marriage), I find peace and such a happiness sitting at a seder together.

  3. I love the l’dor v’dor. We have been reading the Haggadah, discussing the Passover story, celebrating our escape from slavery in every generation, and if we are lucky, it will continue into the next generations.

  4. The best part is seeing and tasting all the results after all the hard work. Food is such a big part of our traditions, and watching the seder table with the whole family is proof that the jewish people will survive.

  5. I love having all my kids and grandkids telling the pesach story,each in their way.
    I also love trying new recipes and making different kind of Charoset that represent the countries Jews live.

  6. I *love* hearing the kids singing, but it makes my heart so very very full when the family gathers together.
    The traditional ashkenazi foods I grew up with, the new versions of an old recipe – I love seeing a table full of food I made and then people I love eating it.

  7. My favorite part is when we first sit down and begin, I take a deep breath to remove all the prep and chaos from my mind and begin to remember the meaning of the holiday, and all our seders in the past and all the people and ways we have celebrated.

  8. It’s the tradition that I love the most. Eating certain foods that are only made during Pesach. My Bubba’s egg noodles, homemade Gefiltah Fish. Being with family and watching the family grow. This year my 7 year old granddaughter will be saying the Four Questions – it’s all good.

  9. I love hearing the songs we sing together from the Haggadah each year, learning new ones as we incorporate new family, traditional family foods from generations ago with new ones we add, sharing the rich traditions every year and opening up to more as we grow. There’s nothing like a traditional Passover seder….

  10. The day before when we start making 20 or more different kinds of charoset from all over the world. It has been a part of our Seder for years now and it has become one of the many courses of the meal. People look forward to it and ask each year what kinds did we make this year? Lots of fun!!

  11. my favorite part is watching my grandchildren sharing their Pesach ‘vorts’, what they learned in school, with the family. Sitting and sharing with family is what it is all about.

  12. I like the warmth and closeness of family, laughing, talking, eating and rembering our people with Our history woven in with food, story, and song. Being together and commerating our tribe while teaching the younger ones what is so imporatant to remember!

  13. Hearing the harmonies that only sisters can conjure up, on the classic Yiddish Passover songs that we’ve been singing together for more than half a century. The lilt of “Oyfn Nil,” the drama of “Piramidn,” the pathos of “Zog, Maran” … and of course, “Dayeynu,” “Mu Asapru,” and “Chad Gadyo” (the last of which, BTW, is hysterical in Yiddish!)

  14. I love taking my grandmothers’ and mother’s recipes and updating them a bit while keeping the traditional tones of the dishes. I think it
    both honors memories and forges good things for the future. Thank you!

  15. My favorite part of the Seder is the plagues…we always made it fun for our children with plastic animals, origami frogs, cotton balls for the hail, sunglasses for darkness to name a few…now we get to continue the tradition for the grandchildren.

  16. I keep Passover very simple and don’t really prepare a seder, keeping mostly to the simple instructions in Torah. But roasted lamb is ALWAYS my favorite! Bitter herbs vary , often whatever I can forage from the yard (dock, chickweed, henbit and such).

  17. I love having all the family together and trying new ways to tell the Passover story each year in a creative way. This year it will be a Broadway themed gathering.

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