Lighten Up: Roasted Salmon during Passover
Photo: Kate Sears: I heart Kosher by Kim Kushner

Lighten Up: Roasted Salmon during Passover

Kim Kushner has opened up her heart and home to us in her lusciously photographed third cookbook, I Heart Kosher: Beautiful Recipes from my Kitchen.

Scroll to end of this post for recipe for Roasted Salmon with Squash & Zucchini Crunchies.

As in both of her previous cookbooks*, her cooking style is approachable, seasonal and concise. In this volume, she shares a glimpse into her sparkling home with lifestyle shots that include her bright white kitchen, plenty of al fresco dining, toasting l’chaim with friends and glimpses of her herb garden that would prompt even the most accomplished growers to go green with envy.

But that would be missing the point.

Kim Kushner kosher cookbook Kosher Like Me
Photo: Kate Sears; I Heart Kosher

These sensuous lifestyle shots support a volume bursting with “simple, straightfoward recipes that rely on a well-curated collection of easy-to-find ingredients and focus as much on ease as on excellence…”

I, for one, am thrilled to be invited into Kushner’s interior and exterior landscapes to get a peek into her beautifully curated kosher style of cooking and entertaining.

If you’re harboring any preconceived notions about kosher kitchens and lifestyles, this book will bring you fast forward to 2019 to show you what contemporary kosher can look like.

Enjoy the ride.

Kushner makes it breezy and gorgeous while sharing loads of simple to follow, foolproof recipes.

fresh figs tomato salad kosher for Passover
Photo: Kate Sears; I Heart Kosher

While this is NOT a kosher for Passover cookbook, there are plenty of recipes that fit the bill for those who prefer to eat whole foods while steering clear of leavening and other forbidden ingredients.

Viewing Kushner’s I Heart Kosher through that lens, I’ve chosen this volume to share as a give-away with readers next week.

This cookbook would make a great gift to bring to seder hosts (kosher or not). Be sure to check back here and watch our social @kosherlikeme to catch our giveaway contest beginning on April 3, 2019.

Peak inside:

Roasted salmon is a simple and elegant way to break free of the holiday brisket cycle. Kushner’s Roasted Salmon Topped with Squash and Zucchini Crunchies (first photo) will serve to lighten up at least one meal by adding in some welcome veggies along with heart healthy salmon. Even fussy kids will love this crispy topping.

♥♥♥Scroll down for recipe.♥♥♥

Kale salad Kim Kushner
Photo: Kate Sears; I Heart Kosher

Vibrant salads are clearly among Kushner’s favorites. Her section on salads and sides contains more than 20 healthy dishes including this blushing Sexy Red Kale with Beets & Fresh Dill in Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette. If you’re not going with the change in Passover restrictions, simply leave off the edamame. If you’re looking to add more greens and raw vegetables to your Passover menus, Kushner has plenty of enticing ideas.

Kushner, Passover veggies
Photo: Kate Sears; I Heart Kosher

Fried lemon slices and hazelnuts grabbed my attention in this recipe for Asparagus, Broccolini & Greens with Lemon and Hazelnuts. I promptly flipped back to the beginning of this cookbook to explore what frying paper thin citrus slices is all about. This technique of transforming mouth puckering citrus into “rich, smooth, malty-lemony” flavor is a standout in a handy section of basics called “Ready to Go”.

You’ll find kosher for Passover hazelnuts for this recipe here. Sorry, you’ll have to blanch and gently simmer your lemon slices yourselves. It’s easy!

honey drizzled watermelon with herbs
Photo: Kate Sears; I Heart Kosher

Kushner’s dessert section illustrates her Simple is Best attitude. While I wouldn’t plate slices of Honey-Drizzled Watermelon with Herbs until the dog days of summer, I love her ingredient first approach to so many of her recipes, including this one.

For Passover friendly desserts, you may consider making her Flourless Chocolate -Almond Gooey Chewy Giant Cookies (maybe not so giant if serving them at seder) and her Chocolate-Dipped Figs with Pistachios & Rose Petals (skip the hard to find kosher for Passover rose petals unless you’re in warm climes and grow your own).

Takeaway: This sumptuously photographed cookbook with sexy lifestyle shots and approachable, ingredient focused recipes, would make a great addition to any home library- kosher or not.

To buy I ♥ Kosher: Beautiful Recipes from My Kitchen by Kim Kushner, click here.

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Recipes and images used with permission from I ❤Kosher: Beautiful Recipes from My Kitchen by Kim Kushner (Weldon Owen 2018; photos by Kate Sears)

Kushner’s first two cookbooks are *The Modern Menu and The New Kosher

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