Easy Summer Dinner: Wild Cod & Stacked Veggies in Parchment
Photo: Liz Rueven

Easy Summer Dinner: Wild Cod & Stacked Veggies in Parchment

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When the days are blazing hot outside, I yearn for easy summer dinners that require as little prep as possible. For lazy cooks (guilty) and those who would rather lounge poolside (guilty) or skip waves at the beach (guilty), try cooking fresh, wild fish in parchment packets. It’s a foolproof  way to ensure moist fish and plenty of organic, seasonal vegetables all in one dish.

This classic French technique for cooking fish (or meat) called EN PAPILLOTE, sounds fancy but is as simple as creating parchment paper (or foil) packets, neatly folded, around a stack of ingredients and roasting them. Creating an envelope seals in flavor and is guaranteed to yield mildly seasoned, juicy fish.

If you want to see how  it’s done, hop over to @Stewleonards on Instagram to see how easy it is to stack, flavor, fold and tuck it all into these parchment packets.

This recipe combines wild, mild cod fillets with thick slabs of local tomatoes, thinly sliced planks of potatoes and zucchini, sliced lemon and garden-fresh oregano or basil. Add a slice of sweet Vidalia onion to the stack, if you love them as much as we do.

Kosher cod in parchment packets w seasonal vegetables
Photo: Liz Rueven

Build this simple summer meal to suit your family’s tastes. You might consider different veggies and herbs in each packet, especially if you’ve run short of some of your ingredients.

The variations are endless. Feel free to swap in snapper or salmon for cod, spinach, or broccoli for potato slices, sun-dried tomatoes for fresh.

Serve each packet, still folded, to your family and guests. This is a fun way to add a little drama (not the temper tantrum variety) to dinnertime.


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