Kugelettes Are More Fun

Kugelettes Are More Fun

We don’t think it’s possible or even imaginable to make it through Passover without a few kugels on the holiday table.

And why not?

 They serve a crowd and can be assembled in advance. They can lean sweet and creamy or savory and sassy.  And they’re a perfect vehicle for tossing in extra vitamin packed veggies and fresh flavors with snipped herbs of most any kind.

Thanks, Amy Kritzer, blogger at What Jew Wanna Eat, for sharing this recipe with our readers. We’re thoroughly charmed by these little darlings.

Here’s Amy’s perspective on their adorable size: “Why are mini things so much better? Cupcakes are better than cake; sliders beat out big burgers. And these individual kugels dominate normal, big kugels. Plus, there is some zucchini sneaked in there for a healthy kick.”

When it was time to chose a cover image for “4 Bloggers Dish: Passover” we all agreed to use this gorgeous photo from Amy. You may remember it from all of our shameless PR but you may not have tried this recipe yet. DO!

Are you serving kugel at your Passover Seder or during the holiday week? Tell us what your family favorites are!


    • These fill one muffin tin which has 12 openings. Depending on the appetites of your eaters, I’d say 1-2 kugelettes per person is right. So, 6-8 servings is a good estimate. Happy holiday, Dale.

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