Dilly Leek Croquettes for Passover

Dilly Leek Croquettes for Passover

I’ve been feeling all warm and fuzzy as we wind our way towards Passover this year.

It was only a year ago that I met three like-minded bloggers and we had the crazy idea of pooling our very different viewpoints and co-authoring a Passover cookbook together. We bonded over countless hours of recipe brainstorming, strategizing, and late night laughter, ditzy from too many hours of Google Chat.

In just four intensely focused months, we created the e-book, 4 Bloggers Dish: Passover, Modern Twists on Traditional Flavors.

The beauty of it is, that we are now true friends, despite the fact that we have never all been in the same room.  If any of us were to need something, food related or not, I believe we would be right there for each other. Talk about the beauty of technology!

I finally met Whitney Fisch in L. A. this fall, and we fell into breathless conversation over kosher Mexican tacos as if we were old pals.  Sarah Lasry and I are lucky enough to live on the same coast and try to make the time to meet in the city. I recently introduced her to my community in CT where she taught an awesome class in hamantaschen making for Purim. Amy Kritzer is coming up from Austin to check out the NYC scene this week and to celebrate with family. We have an early morning breakfast date to eat too much chocolate laced babke and shoot pics of early spring veggies at the Union Sq. Greenmarket.

I encourage you to check out their blogs (click on their names, above). I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

In the spirit of our one year anniversary I’ll be posting some of our favorite recipes from our e-book. Of course, we would love for you to click on over to AMAZON and buy it here. Shameless plug,  I know.

Wishing you all an inspired week of preparation and happy cooking.


    • Hi Sara, I haven’t frozen these leek croquettes yet but leeks have quite a bit of water in them so I’m hesitant to do so. My advice is to prep them up to a day in advance and then sizzle them just before serving. Enjoy!

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