You Can Win this Cookbook!

You Can Win this Cookbook!

New Year; New Ideas!

We know how difficult it can be to stay inspired in the kitchen during these winter months. So we’re offering Kim Kushner’s refreshing and luscious cookbook, THE NEW KOSHER, Simple Ideas to Savor & Share, in this give-away!

Did you read our review of Kim’s book here? Then you know why we love it and are sharing it with you.

Here’s all you have to do to enter:

Leave a comment below and tell us what inspires you in the kitchen. Do you seek out new recipes? helpful tools? unusual restaurant menus? sort through catalogues? shop kitchen supply stores? read food blogs or glossy magazines? click on apps that lead you to new recipes or restaurants?

We want to know where you find your inspiration!

After you’ve commented below, leave a comment on our facebook page to gain another chance.  Contest ends Sunday, January 17 at 9 PM.  We’ll contact the winner directly via e-mail. Watch for announcement on facebook.

Be sure to read our thoughts on The New Kosher; Simple Recipes to Savor & Share here.

Good Luck!




  1. If the right ingredients and spices are paired together, there’s no need to bother with a lot of ingredients, so, I often select Mediterranean dishes that allow me to cook like that no matter which cuisine. Food Icon Roxanne Gold got me hooked on cooking with few ingredients…gotta give her credit! She was Mayor Ed Koch’s Chef at Gracie Mansion and she’s a MOT!

  2. Discovering new herbs n spices to in fuse in old time traditional Jewish receipes is a kick I am on after over forty years of cooking . Also making these traditional jewush receipes handed Down from my mother grandmother aunts healthier is something I am striving for. So a good kosher coobook teaming with receipes using lots of fresh fruits. N vegetablles is a great starting point for creating wonderful meals for family

  3. As more and more exotic ingredients become available with kosher certification, I can expand my cooking repetoire to enjoy new tastes for a healthy menu and cook recipes I find in all kinds of food blogs and magazines.

  4. I love cooking shows and cook books. Love cooking with fresh vegetables and fish – the colors is what inspires me and then the taste – oooh the taste! I like recipes that are simple and delicious. Love making a recipe my own. I am learning to cook Jewish foods an find the need for learning more about the flavors and process. I read the review and this book sounds amazing.

  5. I love to read cookbooks…. Both the recipes and the backgrounds and tips. I love presentation; even the simplest everyday recipes can be beautiful. Sight and sense inspire me:)

  6. CSA Fresh Farm Produce every week! You can’t help be inspired by incredible tasting organic fruits and vegetables! It can be a challenge to create something new from kohlrabi it’s also a chance to be inspired! My son has grown up only eating this way and loves all the colors and varieties in each meal- and gets upset when it’s just something simple like Mac and cheese!

  7. I’m inspired when I see something new in the market and especially when I can use something that is truly seasonal, like shad and LOCAL strawberries and end-of-August tomatoes. Otherwise I am always inspired to take the tried and true and do something new with it.

  8. I find Instagram posts by foodies to be very inspiring.
    Especially ones that focus on healthy recipes and vegan
    /vegetarian meals . I try to inspire others as well on
    My Instagram to cook healthier lighter fare for
    Their families

  9. What inspires me in the kitchen is remembering those times I would cook with my grandma. She was the best cook I’ve ever met. I remember she loved to feed people. So her food was always made with love. Cooking takes me to another place. And sometimes has gotten me through some tough times.

  10. I love a challenge! We are budgeted up the wazoo so what I love to do is read cookbooks and get inspired – then I open the fridge and see what I can match to the flavor profiles I read about…..It sounds like an amazing book!

  11. Following food blogs (like this one) inspire me! My mom and I live in different states, but we inspire each other by sharing new and interesting recipes with each other and then reporting back after we make the dish.

  12. I’m inspired by kitchen everything…I love the Food Network and love to adapt these recipes to meet kosher dietary laws. I enjoy your newsletter; I have fun w/ my kitchen gadgets and tchochkes that enable me to be better prepared and more organized (ha). I have a variety of cookbooks and I’m open to all recipes as long as there are no bananas as the star ingredient (dislike :o(). Thanks for the inquiry and good luck to all! Best, Lydia

  13. I like finding simple but tasty recipes that can be made easily after work. I had the chance to look at the New Kosher cookbook and I’m very excited to try some of Kim’s simple but elegant recipes. Thanks Liz for sharing and inspiring your readers.

  14. When my friends post on Instagram, or I look through a cookbook or I’m looking for something different to cook I get inspired. In being kosher and in often having company for dinner I can get bored by the same old items and always looking for a new spin on an
    Old staple.

  15. My best meals come from having shopped generously at the farmers market and winging it from there. Those meals are not necessarily my three sons’ favorites, though. My next fav inspiration is cookbooks. I pour over their text and photos like a novel, cozy on the couch with a cup of tea by the fire. Ah.

  16. I get my inspiration from my son who is always hingry and will try everything I make! He’s my best customer” . . .and from fresh ingredient in my garden. I wish the midwest growing season was longer.

  17. Erev shabbos inspires me. The rest of the week is pasta and burgers but on Friday I Google the ingredients I have on hand and come up with something different and delicious!

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