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Welcoming the Season with Creamed Corn

Welcoming the Season with Creamed Corn

By Melinda Strauss

With the holiday of Shavuot fast approaching, I have dairy on the brain. I tend to lean towards meat dishes and non-dairy desserts but how could I say no to this opportunity to use heavy cream and my favorite cheese, spicy pepper jack?!? With spring in the air and my favorite fruits and vegetables coming out of hiding, corn seems like the perfect ingredient to highlight the season.

photo: Melinda Strauss
photo: Melinda Strauss

The combination of fresh yellow and white corn kernels (you can certainly use frozen corn but don’t use canned) creates a crunchy contrast to the creaminess of the heavy cream and cheese. If you want some more spice, add chopped jalapenos to the onion and pepper mixture. And if you want to avoid any spice, stick to a milder cheese like white cheddar, which would also be delicious in this homemade creamed corn.

I am honored to be writing this guest post for Kosher Like Me! I’ve been a fan of Liz and her incredible blog for over a year now and I love reading about her travelling and culinary adventures. As a modern Orthodox Jew and kosher blogger myself, I spend a lot of time drooling over the pictures Liz posts and only dream of eating them myself. But she always inspires me to try new recipes in the kitchen and for that I say “thanks Liz!

Many thanks to Melinda Strauss. Find more of her inspired and reliably delicious recipes on her blog at Kitchen Tested.


    • Some of the frozen corns are really amazing. I love Trader Joe’s product. AND… imagine this one with freshly shaved corn off late summer corn in AUGUST. LMK how you like it!

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