Welcome More Green to your Passover Table with Asparagus
Photo: Liz Rueven

Welcome More Green to your Passover Table with Asparagus

If you’re pondering a color theme for your Passover table, think GREEN as we celebrate this highly symbolic holiday of freedom.

We already place parsley on the Seder plate as a symbol of springtime so why not add one of the earliest spring vegetables to your menu? With Passover also being called Hag Ha’Aviv or the holiday of spring, it makes perfect sense to add more green to your menu by introducing asparagus.

Growing up, we always ate asparagus as a side dish at our Passover seders. But it was only recently that I realized that asparagus is one of the earliest spring veggies to be harvested. When Passover arrives early, like it does this year, we aren’t close enough to their typical mid-May harvest date. And while I am a strong advocate of planning my menus around what’s growing now, the truth is that there’s little growing at end of March that would qualify as local on your holiday table here in the northeast.

Still, I like to emphasize GREEN as a symbol of new growth, both in the natural world and spiritually.

You know that lightness you feel in the springtime? That’s new energy as we embrace the warmer months and a whole new array of beautiful fruits and veggies soon to appear in our farmers’ markets.

Passover asparagus
Photo: Liz Rueven

This recipe included anchovies as a big umami flavor booster. Before you snub the lil’ swimmers, you should know that when chopped and dissolved in olive oil, anchovies add a depth of flavor with little discernible trace of the source.

When you taste deeply delicious Mediterranean cooking, anchovies are often the secret ingredient. If you just can’t face them, this recipe would be lovely, without them, too. If you go that way, there’s nothing wrong with basic, and everything right about adding more GREEN to your Seder menus.

Passover begins on the eve of March 30 and continues through April 6. We wish you inspired gatherings and lots of love around your seder tables.




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