Tropical Pineapple Coconut Hamantaschen
Photo @Daniel Berger

Tropical Pineapple Coconut Hamantaschen

Tropical ingredients always seem to appear in home baked desserts at end of winter. It makes perfect sense. If flavors stimulate our imaginations, there’s nothing that says “beach vacation” better than pina colada cocktails. And who wouldn’t love a beach vacation at this time of year, even if only in your imagination via these tropically inspired kosher hamantaschen?

These hamantaschen, triangular cookies traditionally eaten on Purim, have a delightfully tender texture. The dairy-free dough is moist with coconut oil and coconut milk but still firms up to that crispy cookie texture we love. The filling has just three ingredients and takes less than two minutes to quickly boil and reduce.

kosher Pineapple Coconut Purim Hamantaschen
Photo: Daniel Berger

The bonus is that you’ll have extra pineapple filling to tuck away and use to top your morning yogurt. Sprinkle your yogurt pineapple parfait with nuts or granola and you’ve got breakfast all set for the week.

My friend, Rachel Berger, The Kosher Dinner Lady, baked a dozen of these for me early last week. I was all set to take them home to photograph when she showed me her son’s shots of these golden beauties. I like the way Daniel Berger styled these with all natural ingredients (yes, dried pineapple and coconut are actually used in the recipe) so I asked him for permission to post his photos.


Kosher Like Me Purim
Photo @Daniel Berger

To see more of this talented high school student’s work follow Daniel on instagram If you’ve recently cancelled travel plans, enjoy being transported to other scenic spots while viewing his landscape and adventure shots. Be sure to click into his website to view his portfolio of other subjects.

To decorate your hamantaschen with unsweetened coconut and pineapple chips, check out the vast selection of dried fruits and veggies at Fruits by Pesha. You may also find dried fruits at Trader Joe’s but it would be so nice to support a small business, right?

Purim begins on the eve of March 9 and runs through the eve of March 10, 2020. Enjoy your celebrations and DO wear a costume!

For more hamanataschen recipes including lemon with Swiss meringue, chocolate glazed with southern citrus, chocolate halva and our favorite go-to dough recipe, click here.


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