Toasting Leftovers with Beer Braised Pulled Turkey Tacos

Toasting Leftovers with Beer Braised Pulled Turkey Tacos

Let’s be honest. The day after the big feast we are P-O-O-P-E-D.  Oh yea, the clean-up was one for the ages, too, with the splatters from frying latkes and stove-top smears from simmering sufganiyot (yes, doughnuts!) on this once in a life time Thanksgivukah.

 So when Kol Foods asked a eight bloggers to play with a couple of turkey legs and come up with a recipe for our post- Thanksgivukah leftovers, I was determined to hone in on something EASY. And then my competitive spirit was aroused when I understood that this is a contest. And the winners get prizes. Oh yes, Happy Chanukah, indeed. Click here to vote on your favorite recipe and to have a chance to win a generous credit with Kol Foods. I wanted to gather ingredients that you could easily tack on to your pre-holiday food shop without having to search high and low for anything shmancy. In fact,  most of the ingredients for these Beer Braised Pulled Turkey Tacos are already in your kitchen for the holiday.

Ok, you may not have one bottle of dark, Mexican beer in your fridge. So pick that up along with some soft whole grain tortillas or corn tacos and whip this up for your gang with the leftover chunks of turkey.

turkey de-boned and ready

You worked too hard to let them go to waste.

To check out what other participating bloggers whipped up with their turkey leftovers, click HERE and vote on which recipe you are most likely to cook  in your own kitchen.

KOL Foods Turkeys and Meats are Glatt Kosher, 100% pastured, 100% grass fed.  KOL Foods is committed to kashrut, transparency, the environment, animal welfare, health and offering the most delicious meat on the market.  Click here to learn more.

 Thank you, Yosef Silver and Kol Foods, for inviting me to join in the fun.


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