Tell Me More: Six Main and Vegan Cheesecake

Tell Me More: Six Main and Vegan Cheesecake

Six Main is a bit of a hike from New York City and Fairfield County, but WOW!  It is worth the trip!

This all-vegetarian heaven, housed in a historic bank in the quaint town of Chester, Connecticut, is filled with masterfully crafted, creative vegan, vegetarian, and raw cuisine. And to top it off, most of their produce comes from their very own farm.

At the helm of this fantastic eatery is the renowned raw-food chef, Rachel Carr, who, lucky for us, relocated from L.A. where she ran a restaurant called Cru. After one look at the seasonal menu, I was hooked.

Avocado fries and spaghetti & beet balls?



Chef Portrait Rachel Carr


So how did this all start?


I was working at Cru in Los Angeles where eating raw and vegan was a huge trend. I always wanted to open my own place, and when I came to the Northeast, I met Bill [de Jonge] who also appreciated and recognized the importance of a plant-based diet.

Together we opened Six Main in the summer of 2012.  We ensure our food is of highest quality and each dish is thoughtfully prepared with the best ingredients. Our customers can tell and appreciate it.


Tell me about the farm.


The farm is called Upper Pond farm and it is actually at Bill’s home in Old Lyme. It is 100% organic and we get our produce from there whenever we can. There’s something so great about seeing the actual source of your food and working into a creative meal.


How is the menu crafted?


I create it with a couple of our other chefs. I basically decide the direction, and then we work collaboratively for execution. It is seasonally inspired by the produce that is available from our farm.

Right now, our menu happens to be 100% vegan, although at times we do make dishes with eggs and dairy [all of this is clearly labeled on her menu]. We also always have at least one raw dish on the menu at any given time, which is usually a salad.

We don’t really try to make dishes with meat replacements like tofu; instead we things like grains, legumes, nuts, whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, nuts, and faro for some added protein in the dish.


Grilled Oyster Mushrooms, entree
Grilled Oyster Mushrooms, entree

What is the most popular dish?


Well, we change our menu items based on the season so it is never the same. Right now our number one seller is the General Tso’s Cauliflower. We fry it using organic sunflower oil, then use our house made sauce and add in some sautéed broccolini.

I think people really like the dishes that mimic more familiar non-vegetarian dishes, especially those who just started out eating this way or those who bring a friend who is not vegetarian.

Dishes like a lentil and chickpea meatloaf with mashed potatoes, portabella wellington, and the grilled oyster mushrooms with a morel demi-glaze and horseradish potatoes are super popular.


Night Exterior Six Main

Sounds amazing! And you like to teach people how to make great dishes too?


Yes, we have classes regularly. There is so much curiosity about this kind of food and preparation. We teach raw preparation, techniques, in addition to  classes that feature a single ingredient. In that case, we show you how to prepare it in three different ways.


Those are inspired by your weekly prix fixe specials, right?


Yes. Each week we choose one interesting ingredient, like coconut, sesame, and grapefruit, and create creative dishes featuring that ingredient.  People can order three courses for $25.

Last week, we played with coconut: coconut crudo with a lime and lemongrass dressing and fresh shaved radish, chili oil, micro greens, lime zest, a green curry with grilled pineapple, black forbidden rice, beech mushrooms, onions, peppers, bok choy, and a banana coconut cream pie with kiwi coulis.

We love to experiment and have fun with new dishes in the kitchen; it keeps us challenged as chefs. We have avocado fries on our menu right now, which was a favorite when we featured avocado one week.

We coat the avocado in corn flour, then season with paprika and sea salt and fry them. It is then served with a mustard aioli, pickled apples and caraway salt; the vinegar from the pickled apples and the consistency of the fried avocado makes me think of fish and chips when I eat them.

Blood Orange Vegan and GF Cheesecake
Blood Orange Vegan and GF Cheesecake

Can you treat us to an explanation of your yummy dessert menu?


We approach the dessert menu much in the same vein as we do the regular one – seasonal, local, creative. Instead of sugar, we use dates, agave, or maple syrup and all of our desserts are gluten free.

From time to time we do also have vegan treats, like the Blood Orange Cheesecake (recipe below).

Six Main

6 Main Street, Chester CT 06412


Check their website for hours and cooking class schedule.


Bummed that their Blood Orange Cheesecake is no longer available on their menu? Here’s the recipe!

We recommend ordering from Isabelle’s Orange Orchard in New Orleans for fresh, juicy, organic citrus (we connected with them after dining at Print restaurant in NYC).

Thank you to Rachel Carr of Six Main for providing the recipe and photos for this post. We appreciate your time and talents!


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